We've had a Breakthrough!

Okay, so it may seem that my title is a little dramatic, but in the Reynolds house, it feels like big news!

Freddie has gone from calling Noah 'the baby' to calling him by his name! 
It's only taken nearly 7 weeks *haha*
I mean he has called him Noah, but he has stuck with 'the baby' more. Maybe he just used 'the baby' term as he felt he was a temporary thing, but now has realised that he is here for the long haul :)

Our Freddie completely adore his little brother. Obsessed.
I know I say it a lot, but they are so adorable together and Freddie is always begging to hold or for Noah to be placed on his chest (he sees Daddy cuddling him this way!).
As we obviously don't let him do this without assistance, we do however let him interact with him on his playmat. 
Noah loves his playmat and gets so excited being laid on it, probably because he doesn't have any restrictions whilst he's there and can kick around how he pleases.
It also means that Freddie can get down to his level and talk, stroke and giggle with/at him.

My heart melted and I couldn't resist taking a few shots of them laying together.

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