Update in Picture Form #4

It feels like a really long time since I last did my Update in Picture Form post.
As I'm only doing these monthly.. its been really hard finding a selection of my favourite pictures. 
But saying that, it's been really lovely looking through all the pictures that I have taken (I didn't realise how happy snappy I've been!) and well, it really shows how many treasured moments I have had recently.
I want to share them with you.

Photo 1: Me and One of my Closest and Bestest Friends Ever.
She lives in Portsmouth now and every nown and then it makes me feel sad that we're so far apart.
But really we're just as close as ever, if not more so. We're both mummies now and there's a bond that has brought us closer as we can talk about everything motherhood as well as everything else.
This photo was taken not long ago on a evening out together with a couple of other Best Friends. We drank too much wine, reminisced of the "old times", talked in detail regarding our labours and laughed too much in the toilets about how "tipsy and drunk" we were, but you know what, despite the fact that we had mummy duties in the morning, this night was needed and it'll definitely be going down as one of my favourite nights in all of history.
It was a totally unplanned, spontaneous night and it was so much fun!
Shows that even though we don't get to see each other often, we can still talk and laugh as if we meet all the time!

Photo 2: I love this photo so much. It's of Noah the night I came home after meeting with my friends (the night that's mentioned in photo 1). I came and snuck in at nearly midnight and found this little beauty laying on my side of the bed looking around. He smiled so widely when he saw me when I crept up beside him to get undressed for bed. He was so cute and gurgled away at me, I couldn't help but take a photo of him. That cheeky little smile!

Photo 3: I can't believe he's growing all the time.. He's now nearly 10 weeks and he's already outgrown his Moses Basket. I felt so sad when I put him in the basket the night before and came to the decision that his head and feet are so close to touching the ends; that it's actually time he transferred to his cot.
His first Photo in his new bed *sadface*

Photo 4: Who can resist a photo opportunity of a smiley, giggly baby?

Photo 5: A couple of weeks ago we had a family BBQ in the garden, with just the 4 of us attending. It was so nice to do something together other than the normal day-to-day chores. Freddie loved helping Chris start the BBQ and loved dancing around whilst I was preparing the food in the kitchen. We even sat Noah in his chair out in the garden (we also had cuddles too) and enjoyed some quality time talking without any distractions. 
This is also the first picture I have taken with both of my boys!

Photo 6: Do I need to explain why I love this photo so much?
Two of my favourite people, looking rather cute may I add. Ahh I do love these two so much!

Photo 7: Me and the Husband!
These were taken on a night when we were at home alone, the boys were spending the night at my Mums and we just had the evening to ourselves. It just felt so nice to be in each others company without any distractions. At the current time we were cooking the tea and for some weird reason ended up taking pictures together whilst we were waiting for it to cook.
And to be honest it's nice to have some photo's with Chris as he isn't the easiest person to have photo's with, but these shots are nice and I really love them!

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