Update: Freddie

I'm so lucky if I can get photo's of Freddie these days! I have to take them in secret as he starts saying 'hey, I don't want you to take pictures of me mummy!' and then furrowing his brown with crossed arms.
He does make me laugh. He's such a character and is so confident within himself.. it's truly heartwarming that he's not afraid to show off his personality or opinions! (however not many people will probably appreciate the fact that he doesn't back down in a few years time!). 

I'm really looking forward to the day, when he tells me when he needs to go to the toilet instead of having an accident (more on this soon), his 1st Sports Day (coming up next week) and when he'll eat all foods without complaining!
..But I am so proud of how independent he's becoming. I love the person he's growing into, he's funny, cheeky, silly and has such a stubborn streak.  

I'm going to list a few things that he's doing/currently into these days.

- His favourite colour is Brown (apparently!)
- Always wants a glass of milk before bed
- His best friend at nursery is Kenny
- Apparently wants a "Pink" Party for his 4th Birthday Party (giggles all round)
- Can count to 12 confidently, but can do most numbers up to 20, just not the order. Also knows 100.
- Goes crazy for the Angry Birds/Flappy Bird game!
- Is in aged 2/3 clothes / Size 7 Shoe
- Always into helping with food/house chores
- Is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine, Bo on the Go & Team Umizoomi

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