Photo of the Week!

The weeks are going way too fast at the moment.
Noah is now 7 weeks. It's been 7 whole weeks since he has breathed his first breath.
Somehow it feels like he's been here much longer than that - probably because pregnancy feels like it lasts an eternity!

This weeks photo came so naturally that as soon as I took it I knew it was going to be the photo.

This little guy has been so clingy all week. 
And even though it has stopped me from doing so much, it has made me appreciate every second I spend with him. He's forever changing, forever growing.. and one day he's not going to have tiny fingers or want to lay on my chest sleeping, snuggling close so whilst he does, I'm going to enjoy every second.

This is definitely a photo I shall be cherishing through the years :)

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  1. Hey Imogene, I finally got around to answering your questions. Thanks again for the nomination and by the way your little baby is sooo cute. I love babies. Here's the link,