Photo of the Week!

I realised that I used my 'Photo of the Week' in my recent Update in Picture Form post, that I did the other day.
Silly me. Although I found a replacement for this post.

Today I went out with my "Sister" Els (She's not biologically my Sister, but we're really close that we have decided that we may as well be) and we had a lovely catch up, did some shopping, had lunch (with a old teacher of ours) and went to see The Fault in Our Stars - Oh my days, such an emotional film! I had the pleasure of reading the book before seeing the film so I was prepared for all the sad parts (didn't stop me from blubbering anyway!), it's so good, definitely recommend it to everyone. It's too cute!

I honestly have loads of posts to write, I just never seem to get the time to get onto it! I'm so busy in the day with the boys, and well even when Freddie's gone to bed, Noah keeps me on my feet, so having to squeeze it in amongst everything - So I do apologise if you find you do get bored with my Blog - I promise I'm working on it!

As you can see in this picture he's getting so long! He's nearly as long as the changing mat and he's only 10 weeks old. *sadface* It really shows how tiny Freddie was in comparison.
It's unfair how quick they grow. Why can't they stay super tiny for a few months?
I love him in this shirt, he looks so cool!

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