Photo of the Week!

I am so, so sorry that I didn't manage to do this yesterday!

On Friday night our washing machine decided to break.. It's due to no fault of our own, which we were pleased to know but, it's pretty much ruined and not worth trying to fix up. It would cost nearly as much as getting a new one! (Eek, means out forking out some more money!)
Yesterday we went to my Grandparents and did all our washing and spent the day there with them. I was so grateful as our basket was overflowing, and well with two young kids.. it's so not practical living without a washing machine for more than a day! So, we didn't get home till late and then I had to take care of getting the boys to bed and doing the housework that I failed to do, during the day!

Noah has started teething! 
Poor little dude is slightly grumpy at times, but generally okay. He's got white patches on his lower gums so I think they may well be coming (hopefully) fairly soon! 9 weeks old and already starting to get teeth :(
Why does my baby have to get bigger?

He's only waking once in the night, going a total of 7 hours.. It's been very much welcomed by Chris and I. I hope he keeps it up! (We like sleep!)

Freddie reading his books.

Freddie's wardrobe is filled with books, because as of yet we haven't managed to get a bookcase. But obviously he doesn't really care about this as he gets them all out anyway!
In a way I was so glad to find him sitting here like this on Saturday morning as I was incredibly tired (was out with the girls the night before!) and I had a million and one things to do.. But when I got round to taking this picture I was wanting to get him dressed. He was more than happy to just sit surrounded by books, talking to himself about them.
It really makes me smile when I see him happy in his own bubble whilst the rest of the house is busy. He's so cute!

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