Photo of the Week

I can't believe it's come around again!
Already another Sunday passing, and time for another Photo :)

I have to admit that late last night I turned to my Hubby and went "Ahh! I've not got a Photo of the Week sorted" (I usually have one or two I can choose from) so I said to him that we need to take a Photo..
I know, it seems so cheesy!

 In that instant, despite his "Do we really?" look, I picked up my phone and started trying to "Get a nice one" - Yeah we've all been there!
Even though we were both completely knackered, we had a bit of a giggle! He kept complaining I kept cutting my face half out, so I made him have a go and a load of his were so blurry, you could barely make us out!

I do love these random times that I have with Chris as we really don't have enough, what with all the responsibilities we have these days, so to spend a good 5/10 minutes laughing at each other was really lovely!

I had to include them all (slightly cheeky) because they all made me smile. (Yeah I know it's supposed to be "Photo" of the Week - A Montage counts, right?)
I love the fact that you can make a memory with someone that would seem insignificant to anyone else. 

I'm so glad we did this, even though we look tired, messy haired and no make up, but it's our life right now and even though it's very up in the air.. I'm glad to have him by my side through it all :)

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