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Many of you who read my Blog regularly will know that I'm currently on a mission to lose weight. After watching a advert on the TV for the Graze Boxes, I decided I wanted to try them. The idea instantly appealed to me and I wanted to try something new!
I really liked the idea of receiving mystery snacks through the letterbox that are low in calories! Its kinda like when you're getting a birthday surprise and you genuinely have no idea what you're getting, but every week! (even if you don't like birthday surprises.. This is an exception!)

It was really easy signing up to Graze, the hard part was deciding what box I wanted - I quite simply fancied them all!

I went for a Nibble box as it has a wide variety and I have to say that all of the options sound and look so yummy! I really liked the look of the Breakfast box and I shall try it out once I've tested the Nibble box range some more.
After signing up all I had to do was wait until it arrived (I was so impatient and quite frankly wanted it there and then!). I received a Email saying it had been posted, with a little welcome letter from the Graze team.

I was so excited when it arrived and was desperate to find out what lovely treats laid inside. I opened the box to find some little leaflets - I have to say it all looks very cute! (A really sweet touch is that they add your name to the leaflets.. feels very personable!)

As someone who is changing to a healthier lifestyle, I found the Nutritional Information a really good touch to the brand. I love the fact that I can clearly see the amount of calories that go to what tub. (Means I can have a tasty treat and know that I've not overdone it!)
There is also a link provided if you want to check out the full details on each pot, followed with the 'Use by' date in case you want to keep some tucked away for another day.

Inside this little book was information about the company and the things you can do online to make the most of your Graze box.

There were also two Gift Vouchers that I can give to any friends or family that would also be interested in trying a Graze box.

Underneath the leaflets are 4 individual clear, plastic pots that are filled with said snack. Every pot has a plastic, easily removable lid.. What more EVERYTHING is 100% recyclable! I really liked this as it gave the whole box such a rustic feel and there's no faffing with trying to decide what to do with each container, wrapper or leaflet after you've eaten all the goods!
In my box I received the following snacks: Banana Split, Herby Bread Basket, Scandinavian Forest & Apple & Cinnamon flapjack. I really wish I had taken a photo of the actual contents inside as they were sensational!
All punnets were packed full of goodies that tasted as lovely as they looked! (I recommend to avoid any disappointments to have a look around their snacks online, getting rid of any snacks you don't like/can't have for dietary reasons - means when that first box arrives, you feel ready to dive into the snacks you fancy having a try at!)

All punnets were able to be easily removed from the Box. It's a great idea, especially if you wanted to place snacks into a packed lunch or to put in your bag as a snack on the go!

There's even a napkin in the bottom so that you can wipe up after munching on the delicious snacks!

So now I've shown you the Graze box in it's full glory. I have to say that I was very happy with what I received and shall continue my subscription for the foreseeable future - and at a lovely price of £3.99, I can't complain! The website is so easy to use and with every snack there are options to bin, try, like and love (even a send soon if you're desperate for them to hurry to you!). I like the fact that after I was sent the box that when I next logged into my account it remembered what I had recently and asked if I wanted to rate what I had tried!

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you're interested at all, feel free to add my code to give you your 1st, 5th AND 10th box free! :) (click on the link below)

(This is a personal review. I haven't been paid by Graze or anyone to do this review and all thoughts are 100% my own.)

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