Diet: Week 7

I was so chuffed to find that I had lost another lb this week! I honestly thought that I had put weight ON. But I'm seriously happy that I was proven wrong. 
I've decided to get rid of my Wednesday weigh in (for motivational purposes only) as I've found it actually demotivates me. This week I stepped on the scales just to see how I was doing only to find it said that I was 15st 1lb!! It made me feel so terrible about my progress. But actually by the time Sunday came I had lost a lb (pictured above). I think this was the main reason I was so shocked to have lost anything. 
I guess its proof that your body weight really does fluctuate during the week!

Also this week I have brought myself a new journal to monitor my food and fitness. I've always had a little love for pretty books.. But I never usually have a reason to buy one. Now I have a reason, I'm loving jotting down what I eat and the exercise I'm doing.
 I think you surprise yourself when you write it down. I've noticed how well I'm eating this week and how good my fitness levels are!
I think also since I have been writing it down, it motivates me to work out because honestly leaving the fitness column empty makes me feel very guilty! Even if its simply a jog on the spot for a few minutes - it makes me feel so much better about myself and to know that even a little exercise will make a change! But I do love it when I have a few things to write down :-P *YAY Zumba*
I've been very lucky this week that Chris has been off a few evenings in the week, so I've been able to do a couple of extra workouts.
I always find that Noah wakes up just as I start going, even if he was sound asleep moments before! So I always try and arrange it for when I've got someone to keep an eye on him for the duration of the workout.

My favourite dish from this week - Vegetable Tart.
1st attempt and it was delicious!

This week I have also been trying out some new things, I've kicked up my jogging on the spot a notch and I'm so pleased with myself. I admit the time sounds so pathetic, but when it comes from someone who could barely run a minute without getting out of breath.. I'm doing well! 
I'm so proud of everything I'm achieving recently, it no longer feels like I'm trying to lose weight, it just feels like I'm just choosing better options to eat and to just exercise regularly. It doesn't feel like it's all hard work anymore, I'm enjoying it! (Probably because I have my friend Gemma doing it with me! It's great having a buddy to talk to about everything that's happening! Thanks Hun!)
I've also been experimenting with a new recipe. I made a vegetable tart for lunch for me and the hubby and we simply couldn't get enough of it. It was so lovely! Definitely shall be making that again!

In all it's been a great week, and I'm looking forward to seeing what my weigh in reveals on Sunday! Will I have maybe hit my next goal 14st 9lbs? *fingers crossed*

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