Diet: Week 6

Another week, Another lb of weight off! It feels so good to know that it's coming off and it's staying off! It's feels like it's going to be a slow but steady progress, but in a really good way! I'm confident about this mission, it's working. I've got 3lbs to go until I'm pre-pregnancy weight!

I've been really lucky recently not to have many hypos. I'm glad that my doses are levelling out and I'm no longer suffering :)
 My diet has been pretty good! I keep feeling tempted to eat naughty things and I've given in a few times.. I keep feeling guilty for it but I know I can't expect myself to eat 100% clean. I think I'm so hard on myself at times! (they say we are our own toughest critics!) I'm keeping to the 80/20 rule!

Remember that dress that I brought that was a size too small? I took pictures and they looked very unflattering. That was on 15th May, and on Sunday (15th June) I got the dress out again and took pictures.. I had to say I was quite pleased with the results. It felt a lot looser around my shoulders, top half and legs/bum. It still wasn't a great fit but it was so good to compare the results. You could actually see the difference in 4 short weeks and it made me so happy - simply just because it shows that I've really have lost them lbs! the scales weren't lying to me *haha*
I don't feel confident enough to share the picture just yet, but I hope to be able to share it soon. 

I really would like to be able to wear the dress for the girls weekend (30th-31st August). It's my motivation at the moment, I want to look my best whilst out with my ladies! 
My goal is to get down to 14st  by that weekend and that is in 11 weeks (Sunday just past). I think losing another 12lbs will make a big difference to my appearance, not including a massive confidence boost. But I'm not going to be heartbroken if I don't wear it as I know it's silly to expect such results! But I'm hopeful and I think I'll know how likely it's going to be when I take the next set of pictures on 15th July!

This week I've been feeling really demotivated from my workouts, but tonight I decided I really need to jump back on the wagon as I need to get the balance between my diet and exercise right. 
I've been working on my jogging on the spot timings and I'm getting so much better - I really can't wait until I can take it out into the world! I also did some Zumba, It's been a great day getting back into my workouts. So yeah.. we're getting there, one step at a time!

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