Diet: Week 5

I'm feeling pretty chuffed that I'm finally below 15 stone, it feels fantastic that some of this hard work is showing!
Now that the Summer is finally kicking in, its both easier and harder to diet than ever! Easier in the fact that when it's hot you don't want to eat as much.. and harder in that there's so many naughty foods to indulge in because of the weather. BBQ's, Ice-cream.. the list is endless but I'm trying to behave!

As not to get too tempted into the wrong foods, I've been making my own homemade smoothie lollies - which are heaven! 
I've simply been putting the left over smoothie into the mould and freezing it down, it's so simple! (I've been told you have to put banana in the smoothie otherwise it doesn't taste, otherwise put a bit of sugar in with your mix!)

But however, regardless of maybe eating a couple of the wrong things (and good!) I have managed to catch the fitness bug! I'm 110% back into my Zumba and it's great, I feel so good, I sweat which oddly makes me feel good? I also feel like I'm more confident with the moves once again which means that it's getting a bit easier to keep up (I've even had to do two sessions so that it feels like a proper workout!) and it's good I have that urge to want to be challenged, so I'm making it so I do more in a session.
I do always have this niggling thought in the back of my head not to get to ahead of myself and do any damage to my recovery. Zumba has been great as it doesn't focus too much on the muscles in my lower stomach as many other exercises do and whilst I need to do a bit of all of it, I feel like I probably need to hold back on that, for the meantime :/
But I shall do it in a few more weeks when I feel that I'm ready and 100% recovered.. But focusing on the good, I have been kicking Zumba's ass so much recently that I've beaten my own high score on two occasions now!

I do love how my Zumba Game tries and flatters me with the term "Zumba Instructor" shucks!
I have also walked back from my parents house to mine which is over 2 miles the other day when it was fairly hot. I really enjoyed that I had some time on my own, it felt nice to have my own company for a change - plus I could walk at my own pace! It made me feel so motivated that I came straight in and did another session of Zumba! (pictured above) It felt fantastic :)
I've been also working hard on my 'running' skills. To be honest I've always been a bit of a rubbish runner but I've been doing some little 'jogging on the spot' exercises these last few days and I'm slowly upping my time of being able to keep going.. maybe one day I can even put it to the test in the real world!

So even though I've had a few naughty summery treats, I've enjoyed my fitness journey. 
Below is a picture of my motivational quote.. this week it seems to be making me keep focus of what I truly want. And it says it exactly how I need to be told. Straight and direct, but at arms length. 

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