6 Week Check-up

So this morning we had some rather unexpected visitors..
Well they weren't entirely unexpected as it was written in the Red book, but I didn't take note of the date, so when they arrived on my doorstep this morning I was a little stunned! I'm usually so organised with things like that, my bad!
I was so grateful that I tidied up late last night, therefore the place wasn't really that untidy and we were all up and dressed.. So that was good! (It could've easily been different!)

The Health Visitor had arrived to do Noah's 6 Week Check.
Noah was wide awake and happily kicking around on his playmat when she came through (any mummies will know how much easier these visits are when they're awake, compared to being asleep) and she asked all the routine questions and then proceeded to do his measurements.
All which Noah's doing completely fine in, which I'm happy to say :)

I was simply shocked by the measurements!
Noah is feeding really well and is drinking over 5oz every 2 1/2 hours (3 at night) so really we shouldn't be surprised to learn that he's put 1lb 2oz  in 2 weeks!
He's also a cm longer than his last measurements were taken..
It's really amazing how they can grow so much and you hardly notice it!

I was told that I had to book a 6 week check at the Doctors.. Is this a new thing, because I don't remember doing this with Freddie? (I've probably just forgotten!)
But that shall get booked first thing in the morning.

So despite not realising we were expecting visitors, we had a pleasant morning and it was great to know that our little munchkin is doing well! :)

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