When One Becomes Two!

Today has been my first day looking after Freddie and Noah all by myself (well apart from the 2 hours Chris was here this afternoon between his shift).. and its been wonderful!
I did also have the boys last night as Chris had to go to work.. I felt pretty worried about coping with them both alone incase it all went wrong and I was pretty much proven to be a terrible mother!
 I was so happy that it was pretty plain sailing!! I guess the best advice I gave myself was to stay in control, because I know that babies in particular pick up on the general mood, so feeling nervous was silly. I don't know why I felt unsure of myself because it felt exactly the same as it did before Noah!
Me and Freddie had tea together when Chris left, Noah woke as soon as we'd finished so we gave him a bottle and changed him, then changed Freds into pjs as he bathed in the morning and hung out for a while reading books. It was such a nice evening as Freddie was clearly excited to have me to himself once again. He kept snuggling really close and giving my arm secret kisses as we read the books, it was beyond cute!

I couldn't have really asked for last night to go any better, so knowing I had the boys again today wasn't AS daunting! But today I had the added task of taking Freddie to Nursery...
Chris started work at 8am this morning so had to leave the house by 7.10 to get there in time, so we both got up at 6.35 (surprisingly felt quite refreshed!) and I got myself ready for the day as I know for a fact that if I didn't sort myself before the boys woke up, I never would! So I dressed and my make up got put on. Noah started stirring, so Chris fed him whilst I got Noahs clothes and breakfast for Freddie organised.. Freddie woke just as I was sorting breakfast out so he got tucked in straight away and I dressed and changed Noah and Chris then left!
Freddie always takes forever to eat breakfast so I was glad that we all woke in decent time, I didn't want to feel pushed for time (I really hate that feeling!). The one thing that I realised during this whole 'getting ready' business was that its not actually difficult to look after two children. Its a matter of being organised and thinking ahead. Taking notice of little things like when the last feed was, what we're having for tea, where we are going tomorrow.. Being one step ahead really helps I found! Then when that milk spillage happens, it doesn't matter so much because you've factored potential issues! :)
I got Freddies uniform ready the night before and laid them out on the sofa ready for after breakfast! I cleverly used my thought process of being one step ahead and placed a sleepy Noah in his pram instead of his Moses basket as I knew we'd be off soon and didn't want to risk waking him when we needed to leave, plus he was dressed, fed and ready to go so 1 down and another to go!

It seems ridiculous but I never realise how grown-up Freddie is until we're alone together. I guess in this time I really focus on him with no other distraction! This morning I really noticed how mature hes become since having Noah around. The way he speaks and asks questions are so thought through that its like "Whoa.. What's happened to my Baby Freddie!?" I suppose the fact that having Noah around me most of the time, depending on me 100% just shows me how much Freddie has developed in 3 short years. It makes me both proud and sad.. It really makes me think that every second with my growing boy counts because he's grown in leaps and bounds since I left to go to the Hospital to have Noah.
 The other day he went to Nursery in just pants and I was slightly dubious as I didn't know whether he'd cope with being thrown into Nursery at the deep end in that type of situation. I didn't like to think that he'd be upset if he had an accident etc or that it would slow his progress on the matter; but he came home in dry pants and trousers! He asked to go to the toilet every time he wanted to go.. It shows that its me that is unsure of what hes capable of, not him. I clearly over-think when it seems I don't need too! Shows that I'm his Mummy, doesn't it? Maybe there's a part of me that needs to accept he's not my baby anymore (although he is haha) he's my growing little man.
Anyway, gone off topic but we got dressed and shoes on by 8.10! We didn't need to leave until 8.30.. Means that I was able to sort some breakfast out for myself :) I made myself a smoothie and gathered all the last pieces before we left.
When we leave the house and get walking down the street Freddie and I naturally hold hands, although this morning we had a pram.. so to avoid the whole hand /trying to push the pram/cross the road with the both of them issues, I made a little joke of 'holding onto the prams hand' as to cheer up my little sulky man! It worked!
As for the walk to school.. I couldn't have asked for it to go any smoother! Freddie and I chatted the whole way there, he never took his hand off the pram (I don't know about you but I don't like seeing kids trailing about a mile behind their parent who's pushing a buggy etc it really bothers me as anything could happen to the little one! I know its so to allow them freedom.. But I personally find there's times and places for that and near roads or strangers walking along a path really isn't the time) and we got to Nursery EARLY!! I counted on being on time or even late but never early..!
Freddie was desperate to show off his new baby bro and bounced up and down grinning whilst his Nursery teachers cooed over Noah. He really is my little sweetheart! He said goodbye and was happy!
Returning home I did some chores and fed, changed and played with Noah, after a while he laid in his pram kicking and making noises very happily as I was cleaning the kitchen down.. Before very long it was time to make Freddie lunch (I've always made him lunch before I go collect him so that its there waiting with his drink when he gets in). We went and collected him and when he got in he wolfed down dinner and went off to bed for a nap (Nursery completely knackers him out!). Chris came home and helped me bath them both before tea and going back to work.

As were going out tomorrow I've already set out outfits ready to get up and get dressed for us all, we've got to be ready to leave at 7.15! Luckily Chris doesn't start work until 9 tomorrow so may be able to ask him to help out :)

The boys are now both fast asleep! I feel silly for being so nervous about having the lads by myself because its been completely fine! The boys are happy and so am I.. I guess I worry far more than I need to! It feels so nice to have been able to prove my fears wrong.
So be rest assured that if you find the prospect of having two kids or even have your second on the way... Its probably not going to be near as bad as you think :) trusting your instincts, just going with the flow and keeping calm really does do wonders! Our imaginations are actually our worst enemy at times! Ix
P.S Sorry for posting war and peace! Haha

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