Update in Picture Form #3

So it's come around to have another Update in Picture Form (I really am taking too many pictures!)

This is my first Update since our little Noah has arrived :)
It feels so nice to be able to include him in these posts now, we've done the countless bump pictures so to have the real face that lived in that bump in the pictures is so lovely!
My Instagram has been super busy of late.. (I've chosen some of my favourites otherwise this post would never end!)

As usual, I'll tell you about them underneath :)
Enjoy! X

Picture 1 - My beautiful little NoNo at 2 weeks.
I know that when both arms go up he's in a deep slumber as NOTHING wakes him when he's like this. I can't help but be so broody over this picture.. *aww!*

Picture 2 - Me, Noah and Chris.
It's been really hard to get pictures of us all, but it's still nice to get a photo with the Hubby and our sleeping little man :) I really love this photo!

Picture 3 - The 'tiny baby' knitted suit..
Ok this romper suit is so adorable! It's lovely to snuggle up to him in this, I'm sad that it no longer fits :( He's growing so quick, I wish he would slow down!

Picture 4 - Big beautiful baby eyes.
If you don't instantly think "aww bless him" you have no soul haha!
This face makes me want to give him massive squidgy cuddles.. Yes this is what I have to deal with on a daily basis! *haha*
(apparently in this photo, he looks so much like me?)

Picture 5 & 6 - Noah and Freddie
Ok, I have to give Chris credit for both of these Images as he took them.. and they're lovely.
I've spoken in several posts about how besotted Freddie is with Noah and these pictures show the extent to that statement.
He always wants to be near him. It's truly adorable.
These photo's also show how dinky Freddie is for a 3 year old.. Noah's not far off catching him up!

Picture 6 - 4 dinky socks sitting in a row..
I can never get over how tiny Noah's socks are. These are in fact 'early baby' ones as his feet are small (well small in comparison with the rest of him!) you can tell how small they are by how big the pegs look in comparison!
This was just simply another brooding mummy photo!

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