Update: My Little Chubber!

I just wanted to give a little update on my little Noah as it's been a while.
He's growing so fast and drinking milk non stop - I honestly don't know where he's putting it all!
Every day I fall in love with this little beauty of ours all over again. He has such a funny personality and I can't wait to see how it flourishes over the next few months & years!
 I've put a list of things that Noah does at the moment - I'm looking forward to adding new things and seeing how they change in time.

The Nursery Nurse came on the 19th May and did some measurements.
As the picture below mentions, he's now 9lbs 9oz when on the 29th April he was 7lbs 3oz! (Hence the blog title - My Little Chubber!)
He's 56cm long.

He is just perfect :) (bias opinion I know!)

- Drinking 6oz's every 2 1/2 / 3 hours

- Wakes twice in the night

- Prefers his milk really warm than cold

- Loves getting the back of his head rubbed

- Always gets the hiccups after feeding (he gobbles it down like he's never been fed.. every single time!!)

- His hair indicates that he's going to be a red head

- A dummy currently works as a distraction when the bottles not ready

- He looks around when he hears his name being called

- Laughs and smiles in his sleep (proper ones!)

- Loves it when you sing to him!

- Hates being left alone when he's awake

- Jumps every time Freddie laughs

- He loves to be held on the wonk facing outwards

- Pouts and frowns whilst you talk to him

- Loves bathtime!

- Always falls asleep whilst being winded


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