The Start of My Own Happiness Project..

Hi there!

A while ago I did a blog post on a book that I had been reading called, The Happiness Project. (catch up here) I have to say I've not had the time or energy since that post to read that much more.. but a couple more chapters have been done since then!
But I have had the energy to do couple of the things that she's suggested.. but also some of my own that I've taken on, which will contribute to hopefully a happier me! :)

  1. Clearing out the Wardrobe!
    In this book Gretchin talks about how much better off she felt once she's cleared her wardrobe of unworn and unwanted items.. Since being back with Noah I've done exactly this. (I've been wanting to clear my wardrobe out for ages, but when you're pregnant, it's probably not the best time to start chucking things based on bump being there!) I have waited for my post-bump to go down and it has quite a bit since little one has been born.. I was pretty chuffed that most of my tops and dresses still fit fairly comfortably (haven't even wanted to attempt the jeans as of yet!) which means I haven't really put on any weight from last summer.. I guess at least I'm back at a decent starting point!
    Once I sorted out what fitted and what didn't, I then "chucked out anything that I wouldn't buy if I was to walk into a shop and see" (meaning that I wouldn't wear it) - So basically, it shows that your taste in clothes, pattern and material changes over the years and I had some clothes from when I was in college, like 6 years ago. And without being obvious.. I'm not the same person I was when I was in college, so my taste in clothes aren't going to be the same. This cleared quite a bit of my wardrobe out, using this technique!
    Below: Here pictured is my wardrobe now it's been cleared out.. LOOK HOW EMPTY IT LOOKS! You can see how much I've chucked by how many spare hangers there are.. (I used to be always hunting around for a coathanger!)
  2. I've started my diet!
    Towards the last few months of my pregnancy, I had been talking about how much I missed my exercising and that I couldn't wait to get back into the swing of my diet.. Now I'm back on it! On Saturday I went food shopping and brought so much fruit, veg and healthy snacks.. I barely brought any naughty things, only ones that the boys like (so it won't be temptation) and I'm glad that I've decided to go ahead with the food side of my 'loosing weight' plan as today I've had the "feeling fat and ugly" post-baby feeling.. So I've made a start and I hope that it'll make me feel much better in the weeks to come!

    I am a little gutted that I can't really do the exercise side of my loosing weight plan due to my C-Section (reason I didn't really want to have a section in the first place) for a few more weeks.. but I can't worry too much as my diet plays a big part in the plan. I'm hoping that when I am able to get on with it, it'll start being noticeable :) I'm thinking of leaving the exercise another 3/4 weeks as I've read online that it's not good to go in too fast, and I'm allowed to do walking.. but to be honest at the moment I'm pretty busy with the lads, so that's exercise enough *haha*
    Maybe when I loose some of that weight I can buy some clothes to fill up them unused coat hangers? ;)

So, I've made a start.. I want to be able to do a lot more things as I'm sure there's many things I can add/adapt in my life, but getting started with these two have made me feel really positive :)

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