Photo of the Week!

Firstly I want to apologise for the late delay in getting my Photo of the Week up!
Yesterday we went on a little family trip with my parents as it was bank holiday weekend. We had such a lovely time in Cromer, it was very warm with a cool breeze and we went for a nice walk all around! (Picnic thrown in!)
We didn't get back until late and once I organised my boys out, I decided it was best to wait till today to blog :)

I've had quite a difficult week this week, emotionally. It felt so great to get out and about yesterday and enjoy the sunshine and be out with the people who matter the most! (Even if a certain little person kept moaning and whinging about everything!)

Mum, Freddie, Noah and Myself.
This was taken yesterday in Cromer :)
I really like this photo. It's so rare to get photo's with my Mum, let alone such a nice one.

Plus my Mum's been my rock these last few days. She really is one special Mummy!

Hope you have a Great Bank Holiday Everyone :)

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