Photo of the Week!

Another Week, Another Photo...

This week, despite feeling ill and not being able to taste anything.. has been really good!
My best friend has had her baby girl this morning! (The one who was a week behind me throughout my pregnancy) She's so beautiful and I can't wait to meet them both in person very soon!! I've managed to have a chat with her briefly, but I'm looking forward to a proper catch up and to be able to add mummy talk to our conversations!
Congratulations my lovely if you're reading this! :)

My Photo of the Week is centered around my diet. 
I've been working really hard on it this week and when I went to Norwich on Thursday I found something that I found really cute, that is a massive pick me up for them sluggish days!
It also reminds me if I don't do as well as I was hoping that day.. not to give up!

This is a magnet that I brought out of my favourite shop.
It currently is sitting on my fridge as a lovely message to remind me that no matter what happens in this diet, I'm still me and if I fail that I'm still something worth sticking around for :)
(Although not entirely sure on me being beautiful on the outside.. I'm working on that part!)

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