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Hi Everyone!

It feels like it's been a long week.. probably doesn't help that I've been ill for nearly half of it now! :( I've well and truly caught it off of Freddie, who had been very poorly, which now is feeling much better - just as I've hit the worse of it.. typically! (thank heavens Chris is still here (back to work on Tuesday) to help out as I've struggled to even keep my eyes open!)

Now for Photo of the Week - I've found it hard today to pick what photo I want to choose for this post.. I have taken a few really awesome photo's this week (I'll put the others in my next 'updates in picture form' post), but I will go with my favourite, because it has my favourites in :)

Noah and Freddie

As a parent with a newborn and older sibling, I am always trying to capture a photo of the pair together! (Always more difficult than you think it would be)
At long last I did manage to take one the other day and was so happy - I love this photo so much, definitely going to get a print off and frame it. It's such a cute picture of my two babies looking at each other.

Freddie has become so besotted with his baby brother since he's been born; well mainly his fingers and toes *haha*. He always want to cuddle, touch and look at him. He also has a tendency to want to laugh very loudly in his face which worries our little NoNo a lot. Eeek! (So we're working on this!)
Non-the-less I'm so happy that Freddie has taken to having an extra little person round the house and I think this photo says it all on both sides..

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