NEW: Photo of the Week!

Hi Everyone! :)
I'm introducing a new thing to my Blog - Photo of the Week.
As we now have Noah as our newest addition in our family, I've been a crazy photo snapper. He's been growing and changing so fast since he's been born (obvious statement I know) so, I've been wanting to record every little thing regarding our brood.
I have done posts in the past where I take photo's and do a little update ( Updates In Picture Form #1 & Updates In Picture Form #2 ), which I shall continue to do monthly with photo's I've taken and love, but with Photo of the Week I'm choosing one photo that I have taken/seen over the course of the week, to upload.
I shall upload my Photo every Sunday.
Noah - 12 days old.
I love this photo so much, it makes me smile because it's so cute!
He's so adorable. I took this after feeding him his bottle, and I laid him down in my arms and he looked up at me like this.
I feel lucky that I was able to take this photo as it's rare they stay in one pose for more than 2 seconds. Definitely a photo we shall treasure for a very long time :)
(P.S I know it's wind and not an actual smile *haha*)


  1. Congratulations, he is gorgeous :)

    1. Thank you so much! :) (I've had a sneak peak look at your blog and its fab! Made a follower out of me :))