Mission: Losing Weight..

So my latest challenge in life at the moment is trying to lose weight. Last year I decided that I'd had enough of being the "fat" one amongst my friends.. It's true, whatever way it's put "big", "chunky", "large" - it still amounts to me being fat. There I've admitted it!
I've always been the biggest one out of my friends and I got so fed up with being myself, really. I hated the fact that everyone looked nice in anything that they wore and every picture flattered them at every angle, whereas mine I spent ages finding one that I found that was decent.. this I decided had to be different.

I went on the mission to lose weight last spring and lost a stone over the course of 3 months - I felt really good, I was happy that I was motivated and inspired enough to be able to lose that much. I really noticed the difference in myself and even a few people mentioned I looked different. I really enjoyed doing Zumba and mini workouts (even attempted trying to do a run occassionally!). I watched what I ate and adjusted my portion sizes.. I really did myself and others proud. I was able and capable of losing it, I just had to put the work in!
I then fell pregnant with Noah which then put a bit of a stop in the road after a few months. I still ate fairly healthily but didn't exercise as I did but I always knew that as soon as he was born, I'd jump back onto the bandwagon of losing it and finally get down to where I want to be!

My little man is now 3 weeks old and I'm starting to get back into it. After not really feeling up to it as I've not been too well physically due to having a c-section with him - it's put a set back on my workouts.. but I've read that after 6 weeks I can start having a go at exercising (beyond walking) so that leaves me 3 weeks left!
As I am a bit restricted on the exercise side I've made massive changes on the diet side.. I've got to make a change of some kind and it's the best one to get started on!

I've decided that the best way to start on this journey is to be completely honest about everything and that includes my weight.. I'm currently 15st 5lbs (I was 15st 7lbs a few days ago) and my BMI is far too high! I need to loose 5st to be at a healthier weight. (I was 14st 9lbs before I fell pregnant - so I've quite a few lbs to lose before I'm pre-pregnancy weight!)
That seems very daunting when I read that, but then I think back to last year and think a stone in 3 months.. so maybe it can be achieved with really hard work. I'm just really hoping that I can, simply because I need to this time!

Week 1
Me @ 99.9kg & 98.7kg - Gotta get rid of that belly!!

This week has been what I think of as a warm up week. I've done the 'eating clean' thing most of this week but into day 3 of the diet I already had eaten a cheat meal.. and being honest, I've had a few naughty things along the way!
One thing that's really difficult with dieting is the fact that I'm a Type 1 Diabetic, so in everything that I do I have to factor in having hypo's. It's really frustrating, especially when you're trying to count calories and work out what's the best amount only for it to occasionally mess up regardless and it's really annoying. So I have had a few fails.. But I've always gone back to the mindset of being sensible, but I have despite not being hard on it, I've been losing some weight :)
Last Saturday I was 99.9kg (pictured above on the left), on Wednesday I was 98.7kg (the right one) and Yesterday I was 97.6kg so over the course of just over a week I've lost..

I'm really chuffed that I've lost this much already.. It may be a combination of baby weight dropping, things shrinking back and the lost of water retention from my feet (pregnancy problems!). I think it seriously may be.. if so, that's great in its own right, means I have a great starting place :) any weight of any kind is great to lose!
I really didn't think that I would have lost anything really to be honest because I've not really put all my effort into it, but maybe this will show up for next weeks readings? Hopefully not! I know I've been naughty on the weighing myself more than once a week, but this week I shall keep well away and only have a look on Wednesdays and Sundays (Weds mainly just to keep myself in focus!) and in the meantime focus on being good! I'm using MyFitnessPal app on my phone to log what I'm having. I used it last time and found it amazing for keeping track of everything!

I also have to tell you that for the first time Yesterday I tried fresh coconut water and flesh! I have to wonder why I've never tried it before now.. it's so yummy!! (before anyone gets confused, I have tried coconut, just not fresh)
This is another part of this journey that I love - experimenting and trying things with new ingredients :) I'm really looking forward to seeing where this goes! I will do a weekly update on how I'm feeling and doing.. also with what weight I've lost :)

I'm looking forward to keeping you updated! Thank-you for reading Ix

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