Diet: Week 3

Hi Everyone!

This week has shown that you really do need to work for the end goal.
I have to say I am a little gutted that I didn't lose any lbs this week but I really wasn't surprised. I've had a few hypo's which has resulted in needing to consume sugar/carbs to bring them up. It's really frustrating and hard as a Diabetic to try and lose weight and maintain sugar levels but I'm working on it! Saying that I'm glad I've not gained any! Now that would be really terrible.. I think after the week I had I would feel like completely giving in if that was the case. But I didn't.. I'm on track and doing well..
There may not be any evidence of any weight loss this week but I have to say I'm starting to notice the difference within myself. I'm finding that I'm having to say "the scales do not define you" (I touched upon this in my "The Mindset of a Dieter" post). It's so easy to get sucked into what the scales say.. but I feel like I've read enough advice/tips websites not to let it get to me and that little progress is progress.
I'm really happy that on Saturday marks 6 weeks since my C-Section (sad that it also means my baby will be 6 weeks old!) but I shall be able to exercise and get to workout on top of my changed diet. I'm just so glad that I still have my motivation despite having lost nothing this week..
I say that I haven't LOST any lbs, but I've gained so much more! I'm feeling more confident in my body, because I know that I've already lost half a stone and that's a great feeling!

I know that setbacks happen, but I know that I will progress and get to my end goal because I  want to lose it and get there. I'm also seeing the results in myself as I've been able to get back into my jeans again! I am unbelievably chuffed with that as I tried them on literally a couple of weeks ago and they still didn't fit, but they do! I think there may well be some weight loss coming this next week :) My bras fit more comfortably since being pregnant and my bum doesn't look as big (even my family have said that my thighs and bum have gotten smaller!) so I'm more than happy.. that's what I want to see and feel, more than what the scales say! (the scales can't even take that away from me!)

It's a great buzz when the evidence presents itself!

I'm really looking forward to the weekend when I can start getting back into my workouts. The only worry I have is that it's going to add to my hypo's. I really hope it doesn't! But, I know if I want to get fit, I need to workout, so I shall have to keep a big eye on this..
I've also been working on my water consumption and it's being progressing really well! I fill up water bottles as I find it easier to take around with me (meaning no excuses not to drink!), and also putting them in the fridge overnight, so that they're cold - whilst helping boost my metabolism, really encourages me to drink more! 

Oh and something exciting! I've signed up to Graze "nibblebox" and my first free box is arriving tomorrow! I'm really looking forward to seeing what I get..
I thought that I am working hard on my diet and to treat myself I shall gain something to my diet that's a healthy snack! Most of the fun is waiting to see what you're receiving.. I can't wait! I am planning on doing a review on the box, so do look out for that :)

So let it be encouraging to you if you ever feel like you need to lose weight; the thing that I'm learning is that losing lbs is fabulous but it's whats inside that helps keeps you in focus. Feeling good about yourself is the best thing that you can gain in this type of journey and I'm feeling it! :)
Until next week, Ix

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