Diet: Week 2

Hi Everyone!
This week has been such a success! I spoke last week of how I'd only really started doing this diet properly the second half of the week (here) but yet I managed to somehow lose 2lbs!? I was so puzzled by this and put it down to some of the baby weight dropping off..
This week however I've managed to lose 3lbs!!!
 I know the health experts have said that you shouldn't lose more than 2lbs a week and taking in consideration that apparently to lose a lb of fat you have to burn around 3,500 calories! (I find that statement absolutely mind boggling as that is a hell of a lot to burn off!)
Now you may be thinking "well you must be practically starving yourself and exercising like mad" but I've honestly not. Yeah, I've been cutting down a bit and only eating when I'm hungry.. I'm really not one to starve myself, I'd've given up if that was the case because I can't go without, it'd send me crazy! I've just been making sensible choices!

Here's some of the "sensible" things I've had over the last two weeks! 
*bottle wasn't included in that meal*
(I post these on my Instagram - it's filled with my smoothies)

We had to leave on Thursday Morning for Norwich at 7.15am so before I even had the chance to even think of having my breakfast smoothie I had to leave.. so we ended up having breakfast as well as lunch out. We went to Debenhams for breakfast as they always have such a lovely display of food and the others that were with me had fry ups and I chose this..

.. I have to say that having a fry up wouldn't have been nowhere near as nice! I enjoyed my granola yogurt pot and fruit salad (100% Orange Juice too!) so much more, and it made me feel good, especially as I thought I'd buckle under the pressure of having a fry up with everyone else but I didn't as I knew I'd just feel guilty and to be honest.. don't this actually look so much better?!

Even on my cheat meal I chose the veggie option! Who goes to pizza hut for their cheat meal and orders the veggie supreme? Me! (without cheesy bites! I didn't even miss them!)

Even Noah looked like he could enjoy a slice or two!

As for exercise I've been doing my usual routine of looking after the boys etc and yeah I've been busy what with looking after them but I've had no idea I was doing enough to be burning off that much! I'm still a couple of weeks away from being able to start working out.. so I don't know what I've done to warrant that amount of loss! (But I'm really glad!!) 
A combination of all these things will definitely help out but seems like I'm doing much better than I ever imagined! All together I've lost HALF A STONE! I'm really pleased with myself as I know that its down to my efforts (as well as possible baby weight dropping off still) and its giving me a real buzz to lose the rest of it! I've still got another half stone to lose before I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight but I'm working towards that..
I still have a really terrible cold that means I STILL can't taste anything I eat! This is getting on my nerves so much as it really puts you off wanting to eat, but my belly wouldn't allow me to go without haha so feels like eating for the sake of it currently! I also have a banging headache which I thought was because I haven't been drinking enough, what with the warm weather we've got, but I feel like I've been a fish because that much water has been consumed. (well at least the recommended amount) So it's likely all of these factors have contributed to my weight loss but I'm so glad to have lost so much so quick..

I got myself really confused earlier when I was trying to calculate how many lbs I have dropped in the last 2/3 weeks as I've been converting between KG and stones and pounds, but as I started this mission in KG I've been continuing it in KG but converting it to see how many lbs I've lost.. (I hope that makes sense!?)
So as my starting weight was 99.9 kg and I'm now 96.4 kg (15st 2lbs) that's 3.5 kg weight loss and that equals to...

I'm so proud of myself and can't wait to see it physically coming off!

To also keep myself motivated on this mission, when I went to Norwich for the day I found a dress I LOVED in the next size down, I went and tried it on (it was in the sale and the biggest size they had left!) and it went on but not how you'd want to go out in it! Definitely could do with losing a couple of stone before putting it on for real, it looked too tight.. but because I loved it so much I just had to buy it and I knew if it was in my wardrobe that I'd be desperate to wear it so I HAD to stay motivated and lose it! (clever, eh?)
I would show you a picture of me in it, but I'd rather save myself from the embarrassment at the moment.. maybe when I've lost it all I'll upload it and can all laugh at how terrible I look in it, but only once I'm smaller :P I've got a pact with myself to try it on, on the same day of every month until it fits how I want it to.. So i'll try it again on 15th June, take another picture and hopefully by then they'll be some physical difference! (I'll also be able to do my workouts by then also!)

I genuinely feel so happy right now. Everything is happening how I really want it to :) My weight has been something I've battled with for a long time so to be able to feel good and be losing the lbs I've always wanted gone, is a perfect world in my eyes.
I know this is only the start to my journey, but I'm working hard and I'm keeping in mind the progress I've made due to the choices I've made.. and I know they'll influence me throughout this mission!

Until next week Ix

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  1. Wow, well done you! I really need to follow your example!
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