Dear Diary, Post 3.

Hey Everyone:)

We're finally home! It's so lovely to be back in the comfort of our home, even though ever since I've stepped in here I've been doing house chores left right and centre.. I've done a total of 5 massive loads of washing, (thank god it's been lovely weather so it's been able to go out on the line!) I wouldn't mind so much if I knew exactly where it was all coming from!?
But saying that, it's home and this is where my heart belongs. I guess that's one thing I really enjoy about my life, is the fact I have my purpose and I know what I'm decent at doing and that's providing a decent home.. I wake up and know what needs doing and yes I'm aware I probably sound like a 1950's housewife, but shush ;)

Today we went and registered our little Noah! :D I'm pretty excited that he's a registered little citizen now, bless him. We made an afternoon of it by going into town and having a little look around some shops - it was so nice to get out in the sunshine.. I even managed to got to wear my maxi dress because it was so warm! Then came back and got on with making some tea.
I guess things are really back to normal eh?!

I've just noticed this is my first diary account I've done since little man was born! :)
Well a lot has happened over the last few weeks, but it's been some of the best weeks of my life (as well as some of the worst moments!). A baby really changes everything and for me, for the better. I love my little men so much, they fill me up with pride. With all the things I've done in my life, they are definitely two of my biggest successes :)
I've had a bit of an emotional week, it's definitely been up and down!
My Nan came and visited me and Noah at my mums last week and she told me that my "Aunt" has been over to hers and has moaning about me.. I was completely shocked as I've seen her perhaps like an hour over the course of the two weeks since Noah's been born. And she was completely fine to me, she spoke and laughed with me like normal, but it seems that was fake.
I asked my Nan what she had been saying and was told that she thinks that I was taking advantage of my parents by staying with them.. Which was like 'what?!'. I for one would never take advantage of my parents, or anyone for that matter and we paid half the money for the food shop bill and my mum invited us to stay with her whilst I was getting better, so I'm not sure where the hell that came from.. she didn't ask any of us what the situation was with us staying so it makes you wonder if she's just assumed all of this!
Also the one time she came over (it was the next day after I had come home from hospital and she popped in for half an hour!) I happened to be on Chris's laptop. My sister volunteered to change Noah's nappy because I was struggling to get out of chairs etc at the time, so that warrants me being "a lazy cow".
I have to say that normally I don't care what people say about me, but in this case it felt like I was very unfairly criticized! I was really upset by the things she said because they simply aren't me. Noah was 3 days old and I'd had a C-Section, 3 days ago. I already felt useless at this point as I couldn't dress, sit down or walk about very well at all, without some help.. It was really hard to be on the sidelines, asking people to help/get things for me, so to hear that a week later, hit me hard. If someone in your family can say that about you, then what could anyone else say?
Also the fact to say I'm lazy is infuriating because I'm far from lazy!! I look after my boys near enough by myself most of the time at home as well as the house (yet to look after them both for more than a few hours as Chris is off at the moment, but will be come next week).. It really wasn't a welcomed comment. I've yet to actually confront her as of yet, but I know my mum was cross about the things she's said and I know she's spoken to her.. I'm not yet aware of what happened.

Freddie's been really unwell since we've been home and it's been horrible seeing him so quiet and tired! He's been off for a nap every few hours as he can barely keep awake. He's been suffering with a cold and temperature which seems to be slowly dying off now (thank god for calpol!).
Freddie has been really patient regarding Noah over the last few days, it's been a little juggle getting used to having two little men, but thankfully Chris has been on hand to help me out :) Every statement about the step up from one to two babies were completely right.. it can be a little difficult when ones asking for something when you're in the middle of a feed or bum change.. but I'm guessing it'll get easier with time and practice?
Noah's been really good, still only waking twice in the night, but that's probably due to the 5oz (150ml) he's drinking every 3 1/2 / 4 hours?!!! I'm so glad that I'm not breastfeeding as I don't think he'd ever be off my breast! He always seems so hungry! As he's now growing in size.. (yeah the milks definitely doing something!) he's in size 1 nappies, but still in tiny baby clothes.. it probably won't be long until he's in newborn as he's starting to fill out!
 He is however starting to get spots :( (Milia and Neonatal Acne) which is horrible. Bless him, we've been cleaning his face every couple of hours, so lets hope they go away soon and that we get his clear beautiful skin back! (it is still extremely soft though!)
BELOW: I have taken a photo of the spots, but my camera on my phone hasn't been very good at picking them up, but you can still see the little pimples around his face where the light is shining on him.

I think that's all I have to update you on at the moment.. so until my next Diary Post :) Ix

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