A Moment to Think..

I can't believe it's May. Time is flying by so fast.. The older you get the quicker it seems to pass. I remember as a kid it felt like a lifetime till it was Christmas or my Birthday, but now it's like I'm 23 and I celebrated my birthday only just over a week ago! Noah was born, nearly two weeks ago!
That is how quick it's going by.
It makes you realise that all these little events you have with your children, family and friends.. are so significant to your life, however big or small. It shows you really must enjoy and make the most of the time that you have together; as it's going by too quick to not appreciate these moments to the max.

These are some of the things that I appreciate of late:
  • How supportive Chris is being over my Cesarean and how much he praised my achievements in getting back to normal to the midwives - When I was getting about the next day after my section, my midwife who was caring for me said I was doing really well and that most people struggle to do what I've done for a few days; Chris told her that he wasn't surprised that I've done so well because it's in my personality to be determined and do my best at something I set my heart on accomplishing - Something about this made me feel good.. The fact that something I try and do is seen as a really positive thing? It made me appreciate the fact that he values that quality in me.
  • That I have two very healthy boys - My boys are my world, since becoming a mum I can barely remember what my life was like before. Sure it was quieter, somewhat tidier and I was able to do my own thing whenever I liked, but now, I wouldn't be able to be this happy being single and without my boys!
    Freddie is being an absolute sweetheart over dealing with Noah, he tries to cuddle and kiss him all the while.. Whilst he does sometimes seem to have a few issues with not wanting to go to the toilet or eat his food himself because "I'm a big baby" seems to be taking over. But he's getting better and to be honest it's not surprising that he's looking for equal attention to Noah.. Trying to keep everything normal, it's steadily progressing back to how it *should* be. (Will update you on how this goes!)
    Noah is growing so fast, I can't believe how much milk he's drinking currently (4oz/120ml every 3 hours(ish)). He's getting so big and heavy too!
    When he was born he was weighing 6lbs 15oz, at the day 5 heel prick blood test he was 6lbs 12oz (as it's normal for them to loose weight after being born we weren't too worried as it's not a massive amount to lose!) but by the day 10 discharge from the midwife, Noah was weighing in at 7lbs 3oz! He put on so much in 5 days and by the amount he's drinking we can't be surprised!
  • That Noah only wakes twice in the night - As a fellow parent you can imagine how amazing this feels right now, especially with a busy toddler in tow too! (Even if you're not a parent you can probably imagine how fantastic this is!) We always make sure we feed him before we go to bed at roughly 10.30/11pm and then he wakes roughly 1.30am and again at 4.30/5am. So we're quite lucky that we've been managing to get a reasonable good night and colic hasn't been an issue as of yet (up to date he's been amazing for getting his wind up!!) *fingers crossed this continues*
  • I'm currently in a really good head space - I'm feeling really, really good! I'm physically doing really well at the moment, I'm getting so I feel more confident in what I can do (I'm slowly getting so I can pick things off the floor!!) and emotionally I'm feeling in control and extremely contented. I half expected to get the baby blues a few days after Noah was born, but I haven't - apparently this is to do with my confidence in being a mum that has made me avoid it this time around..(this is what my midwife told me). I sadly did suffer with it for a few days with Freddie, but it's very common in first time parents. I have however suffered with hayfever which has been driving me up the wall - apart from that, this Mummy is very happy with her life :)
  • I have the best family and friends around me -  I have a very strong family and friend network around me and it seems it's forever growing stronger. I know I'm incredibly lucky to have this and I appreciate it and these people more than words can say. (They know who they are!)
    I'm forever grateful for all the help I've had specifically in the last couple/three weeks since Noah has been here. As I've previously mentioned, I'm staying with my mum (going home tomorrow!) and it's been lovely having that support whilst I'm trying to heal myself.. I have to say I've hated the fact that I've relied on so many people to support me during this time (I'm not one to let people do things for me) but I've had to actually admit and allow people to help me. It really shows who you can lean on when you need it the most :) and I'm pleased to say I have quite a few people and I love them all!
  • My Blog - I appreciate my Blog. I'm appreciative that I'm able to write down all the happenings of my family! I wish I had thought and done it sooner, when Freddie was born as it'd be lovely to look back on all them little moments we had back then. Because of that, I always make notes on things I want to Blog, so that they get mentioned and photographed as I want to be able to enjoy looking back at all the things that happened, especially the details! Now that we've become a 4, it's even more special and important to do exactly that :)
    It's not only the fact that I have all this for later, but it's become something that I really enjoy doing. I enjoy thinking and writing posts for this blog and it makes it even more special when I can see that people like and are actually reading my posts! It's definitely my #1 hobby and it's something I shall stick and continue with for a very long time! I know it's something I love as however many times I sit down and try and write a post and get interrupted.. I always come back with just as much enthusiasm for writing it as I originally did! (Thank you to all you readers!)

As I'm off home tomorrow, I'm headed towards the task of looking after and bringing up two young lads, most of the time by myself (one I'm very much looking forward to, but slightly scared to see how it shall unfold!). I think this shall prove a very interesting blog post in months to come (I will undoubtedly tell you all about it!) but I'm safe for a few more days as Chris has 9 days holiday following Sunday, so I feel even more confident that I'll mostly be back to normal by then.. then the juggling act shall begin! :)
I'm really looking forward to being able to just be home.. As much as I've enjoyed my stay at my mums, it's just going to be nice being at home getting back into doing our everyday things. I'm looking forward to getting back into my bed too! I guess it's actually surprising to realise that home is my house, where me and my boys live.. I wonder where that point was from my mums being home to my house being home?

It shows when you have time to sit and think, what comes to your mind. This whole post has come from my thought process of late.. :) Ix

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