Updates in Picture Form #2

Hi Everyone!

So last month I did a similar post of some photo's I've been taking (here) and as I've been doing my Diary posts on my phone, the pictures haven't been added to go with it!
Same as before, I shall discuss what each image is about underneath :) 

Picture 1
So I've really gotten into the swing of taking Bump pics - I'm so excited about his arrival that I'm snapping him before he's even out! I do love my bump though :) I find it pretty cute, even if I do look like a whale. But it's worth taking the pictures as I will love to look back over them in time! (Kinda gutted I didn't take any when pregnant with Freddie!)
This picture was taken on the night of 36 weeks & 5 days!

Picture 2
So taking more Bump pictures - he's now become a table for my favourite snack at the moment! A tub of Chocolate Fruit and Nuts :D yummy! It a little tub of a selection of dried cranberries, almonds, cashew nuts and dark chocolate covered almonds and white chocolate raisins - it's been amazing as a mid-morning snack! It helps make me feel healthy and keeps the hunger pangs off till lunchtime!

Picture 3
This week I have been having a craving! It's for 'Cheddar with Red Onion Chutney Cheese'
It's so scrummy! I proper had a need to eat some with pickle on Ryvita slices - It was too delicious!

Picture 4
Me and the little guy have been spending lots of time just chilling out in between the chores! I took this sneaky picture as he was propping himself up against bump reading his Thomas Magazine - It's too cute! He is completely obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine at the moment, so it's so adorable to see his face light up whenever you suggest reading a story out of the book!

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