The Countdown Begins!

Hi Readers :)

I hope you're all well! I need to update you on a couple of things but I firstly want to say sorry that I haven't posted in the last couple of days - life is so hectic! The "slow down" period isn't going to be happening anytime soon it doesn't seem.. oh well, the show must go on!

Also, HAPPY BE-LATED MOTHERS DAY! :D I hope you all had a great day with your mums, and got spoilt rotten my fellow mummy's! 
I spent my day with my boys doing very ordinary things - I was in my nesting mood so managed to rope my lads into helping with them few things with the added rule of not moaning! *haha* (seeing as it was mothers day, and we all do what Mum wants - right?!) So we did many house chores, with the added ones of washing all curtains and net curtains in the house, deep cleaning the oven and cleaning out the fridges etc. So now they're done, I'm feeling much happier :) Oh, and I got the added present of not having to do the washing up! I hate it and I always do it! :P 

Onto more exciting things!
I really am excited to share that today I went to my hospital appointments, and everything is completely fine and healthy. The Diabetic people were more than happy with my sugars (It's scary how great they've been!) and I had a scan to show that he's a happy and healthy little lad and that he's still head down! (woo! (picture to follow)). 
I've officially got signed off from the Diabetic and ANC (Anti-Natal Care) Clinic Rotas* :D Which was definitely fabulous news, this was due to the fact that they've planned to Induce me on the 15th April! TWO WEEKS TODAY!
I can't believe it has come around so quickly! In 2 and a bit weeks, we could be holding our new, little addition to the world in our arms. I'm so happy that we have a date to get ready for!
I always thought that the idea of being induced again would be terrible - but although it's not my ideal plan, it is a plan. And after much thinking, it does give me a guide to work towards and means I can thoroughly get some plan together by the time the two weeks is up, regarding my boys! (I even count Chris in the 'boys' category, as he's gotten to be taken care of too!)
I guess what I'm saying, the idea of being induced again hasn't as yet put me off of wanting to go ahead - maybe it's because I'm too excited to worry about it? Most probably. Got to take it one day at a time, I mean it would be better if he came of his own admission before going in! (keep fingers and toes crossed for me? :))

I managed to get a scan picture as I knew it'd be the last one we get before he is born!
In this picture you can see his hand coming up to his face (in case you were wondering what it was hovering over his face *haha*)

As I always want to know - I asked for their estimated guess on his weight and they said it's roughly 6lbs 3oz :) it's slightly higher than "average", but is really good for a Diabetic (he's smaller than what Freddie was at this stage!) so I'm estimating his birth weight will be 7lbs something.

*Although I have been signed off from the Clinics I have been told to go to DAU (Day Assessment Unit) twice weekly for bumps' heart rate to be monitored for roughly 20-30 continuous minutes. It's a bit of a bummer but it's not for long, and we're always curious as to how little man is getting on - I went for my first monitoring session after I attended my appointments and he was completely calm, moved around a fair bit which kept messing with the monitors - silly baby! *haha* But they were happy!
My next appointment is Friday at 9am, thought if it was early I could get over and done with quickly and still have the rest of the day.

My plan for the next two weeks is to do a Day-to-Day little Diary post, to keep you updated on the DAU appointments, what I'm doing to get ready and have been up to the arrival of the little guy! So consider this post Day 14 on the Countdown!
Looking forward to keeping you updated! Ix

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