My long week..

Hi Everybody! :)
Feels like its been forever since I last posted on here, but I am back for good after the longest week of my life! (I really wish this was a exaggeration!)

Last Tuesday I went into the Hospital to begin being induced. I left feeling very enthusiastic about #2 finally coming into the world, but the idea of being induced suddenly made me feel extremely nervous. I was really praying that it was more successful this time compared to last time with Freddie.
I finally got a call back at 12pm saying I was able to go in and begin the Induction. I went in and began monitoring and obs, everything was fine up until the point where the senior midwife came and examined my bump to check that he is in the right position (head down) before beginning the prostine tablets. As you can probably guess from the title and the start of this blog.. he wasn't.

The really interesting thing regarding Noah is that every Midwife, Doctor and Consultant couldn't seem to figure out where his head was. They all felt around and couldn't decide whether his head was down or if he was still laying breech - I continued with the belief that he was head down as the 36 week scan showed.
I had to have a scan before I could begin which delayed the whole process, meanwhile I was praying that he was head down as I wanted to get on, have a smooth delivery and get home as soon as possible! (Mainly for Freddie's sake, I was worried that the longer I was away the more awkward the situation would be for him.)
The scan showed he was in fact breech - I felt so annoyed because it had interfered with the plans of being induced, but we began on another mission.. where to go from here?! I had the option to have a C-Section, but only with being on steroids for 24 hours prior due to the fact that his lungs may not be developed enough. Or to turn him around via ECV (External Cephalic Version) and hopefully have a natural birth. 
I wanted to really have a natural birth as I was most concerned about the recovery time as I knew with a C-Section it's a much longer and harder process than natural, and what with Freddie etc I knew I wanted to avoid it if it was at all possible. I also wasn't prepared to go on steroids for a problem that we didn't even know if baby had.. that seems so ridiculous to me. I wasn't going to pump my body full of a drug and my baby for something that we don't know about, (besides they're supposed to be full term from 37 weeks!) so decided to give the ECV a chance.

I was given a chance to go home and think on the options and go back the next day. I had to go back to DAU to get rechecked (in case he manages to shift position once again!) the next morning and ended up trying to turn him via the ECV and had that done the same day.
I was a little concerned with this procedure as I've heard that it can be painful and uncomfortable for me, as well as knowing all of the risks on baby - luckily it was successful and it didn't hurt at all, it was slightly uncomfortable where he dug into me to get hold of him but it was over very quickly! I think this procedure can alter and change depending on how big the baby is; I imagine having a bigger bump etc would make it even more uncomfortable, but I'm glad to say it wasn't for me. (The horror stories weren't as bad as the reality!)

Over the next couple of days I was told that delivery suite were really busy on and off so when I manage to have the prostine it wasn't consistent enough to be able to build up any contractions. I was really frustrated with all the waiting that I had to do. I think most of it was because we went in on the Tuesday thinking and hoping to get started and home within a few days, yet I hadn't even started! Also it felt like I was constantly put on the back burner with all the staff as it seemed like there were always a reason to stop, pause or check something and whilst I know it's their job, it really took 3 days to get any contractions even barely starting! Which by the time I felt annoyed and tired of the process.
It's also really hard to feel rational about what's going on, like I constantly kept thinking 'Whilst you feel like you want to be dealt with right now, you're not the only person who wants to be seen to, nor waiting' but after a few days it gets so you feel really selfish, which is such a horrible feeling!

Friday teatime I started getting contractions and they were getting so they really hurt (this was after prostine tablet 2). I was on the birthing ball at the time and they felt like they were coming on really regular. (yes, I got on the birthing ball and kinda fell in love with it haha!) that night I got examined and was 3cms and was contracting well, only for when it was time to have the 3rd prostine, the delivery suite was busy.. again. It always seemed like it was busy every time I got going, so overnight my contractions had died off..
The next morning they told me I was able to go over to delivery suite and the plan was to get my waters broken and on a drip that was the contracting hormone (I'm not sure what it's called! But it starts labor!) and I started to get going after several hours. I had an Epidural as I had one with Freddie and found it was really good. I hate being in pain so it really took quite a lot of the edge off so that I could labor reasonably well, and with regular contractions I found that it still hurt so much. We figured that the Epidural was patchy as one leg was somewhat okay, but the other was really heavy and I couldn't really move. I had a button I could press when I get in real pain and it helps immediately, but it didn't work, so the Epidural wasn't as effective as I was hoping this time around.. but saying that, it would've been much worse had I not had it!

I had been contracting and in established labor at 1pm and was progressing really well. I hated the examinations but its part of the deal when dealing with labor, and was getting more and more dilated. At 4pm I was told that I was 8cms and that he may well be arriving very soon, I was very pleased to know this as I was in complete agony! Continuing for another 4 hours and still no sign, I was re-examined and was still only 8cms! 
I was so fed up and was very upset that I hadn't gotten any further in the 4 hours. One side of my cervix wasn't going to come away and was still fairly hard.. I ended up speaking to a Gynae Registrar who gave me two options. I can carry on and see if I manage to fully dilate and then be able to deliver or to have a C-Section there and then.

Feeling so frustrated with partly myself and how the whole week has been, I decided to go with the C-Section as I didn't know how much longer I was willing to go on without dilating any more. It could've just happened and I could've done it, but I kinda felt like I had lost the fight in me to try and find out, I really just wanted it to be over and done with.
I ended up having to have a "spinal" as the Epidural wasn't good enough to be able to go through with a C-Section operation. Having the Section was a really odd experience, I was so relieved that I could finally meet my little man! I felt really sick throughout it and actually ended up being sick. I luckily had some really nice people who were in the theatre room who were really supportive! I just wish it had never came to it, but he arrived into the world safely and screaming! He was born at 22.20 and he was so small and perfect. 

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