Letting Go of the Bump..

..So now as a few days have past since the my little guy, Noah has arrived, I've come back to mourn the loss of my bump! 
Overall I really enjoyed being pregnant but I've now got to let go of it.. but I've been looking at my bump pictures and have done a little collaboration here for you to have a look.
Can definitely notice the jump in size in the last few weeks!

I still have a bit of a bump but it is nothing like the size it was and in time I know it'll go back to normal(ish). It's a shame that I can't get into my exercise regime as I was planning on, it'll have to get held back for another few weeks until I'm fully healed! I also still have water retention but I've been told that it's very normal to have that after a C-Section, so I'm guessing in time that'll go too!

But I have to say overall it's very nice to have my body back and be able to not be massively involved with checking my sugars every hour or so. I guess there are some plus sides to having no bump ;)
 Although I have to say, currently there's NO ideas about EVER HAVING ANOTHER!
After that birth, I'm very put off for life at the moment, regardless of the 'Nah, you'll definitely have another soon!'
.. if it was to happen, it'd be in like 10 years time *haha* (maybe 3 ;))

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