Diary Post - Day 7

Day 7

Hi :)

Today has been a very busy day. I attended another DAU appointment first thing this morning for some monitoring. Everything was pretty much ok, the only thing was that when I had one of my Braxton Hicks (I had quite a few!) little man's heart rate dipped a fair bit for a few seconds. They were concerned with this as it shouldn't drop whilst in the middle of a tightening.
I then had to go on the monitor for a further 20 minutes to see if it happened again, but it never did, it seemed to be a one off. But because it had happened previously, the Midwife had to get it signed off by a Doctor before we were allowed home. We ended up having to wait around for nearly 2 hours before a Doctor had even arrived to have a look at my notes or anything (we were pretty fed up by this point!).
We spoke to the Doctor and he asked if baby has been moving around as normal and I answered yes as he has been (the kicking me in the back has been proof enough!) and he told me to ring up immediately if he doesn't continue his usual routine - Yeah, this was a little frightening as it makes you wonder what they're trying to suggest..
So he signed me off but told me he wasn't comfortable to let me go until Friday before being monitored again and asked us if we could come back tomorrow morning,  simply because I'm type 1 Diabetic and that it can mean problems with the placenta. (Yup we're booked in to go again tomorrow!)
This wasn't a very fun part of our day :/ Just keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow is more successful!

This afternoon me, mum and the boys have been making plans as to what to do about this 'car boot sale' feeling in this house. So me and mum have been talking about what to do with things so that we can rid me of this feeling. (I hate that feeling when you've tidied up, yet the place still feels untidy...) I've already taken the tumble dryer out to the garage and am planning on taking out one of the single chair sofas too. (Sorry El!) It seems silly having a 3 seater sofa and two single chair sofas when usually there's no more than 2 people sitting on them at a time, they take up a fair amount of room so taking one out shall make it a bit more spacious for #2's things :)
I'm also planning on taking the DVD cabinet and use as a changing table (place a changing mat on top) and put some of his things in there - also will be another space cleared from my Dining/Lounge room!
I've managed to ask if they can help me tomorrow to arrange and do this, as I now have less than a week before being induced (maybe less if #2 decides to come before hand!). It's so crazy that it's making itself to be under a week, before I know it, it shall be 1 day left!

I've got my friend coming over tonight (one I was meant to go see Cats with) to have a catch up as she's on holiday at the end of the week and I shall be off to have #2 - so it'll be nice to have a new face to talk to and catch up with! :D

Until tomorrow, Ix

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