Diary Post - Day 6

Day 6

This has been the first time I've managed to sit down since I've been home. Today I went to the DAU to get monitored again and they seemed to be happy with the results. I personally noticed a few little dips but they were what they considered within "normal" range, so nothing to worry about :)
After attending the session, me and my birthing partners (mum and sister) when into town for some lunch - we hadn't had any breakfast and felt really hungry. Saying that, I've been feeling hungry all the time recently! But I'm just eating as and when I feel I want to, i mean I'm allowing myself 6 more days of indulging before hitting the diet once again! It seems like a reasonable compromise with myself.
In town I finally got some dummies and a bottle brush! I also got him some extra nappies.. So I'm completely ready now! (I keep saying I'm pretty much ready, but I always seem to find something else that's needed!)
Also managed to treat myself to a maxi dress, its so lovely, such a nice pattern and fit! It actually looked quite nice regardless of looking like a whale, so I could wear it whilst I'm still pregnant, although unless there's a really nice day, it'll probably wait until after baby!
When getting back from town, my mum and sis helped me and Chris move the furniture around the lounge and also take some upstairs.
Yesterday I was complaining about my house feeling like a car boot sale, so I took one of the single sofas out, and moved a cabinet upstairs into mine and Chris' bedroom and its made such massive difference! The place looks much more bright and airy compared to yesterday. I feel very content now with the whole house! I'm ready for baby! :) My nesting stage has fully been completed... Its just keeping it up and tidy till his arrival :)
The last couple of days little guy has been a lot quieter! Only tappings and squirming really.
Tonight I've been having what feels like period pains, so going to be enjoying some time with hubby watching 'you don't mess with the Zohan' hopefully I will get through it without falling asleep!
Tomorrow I'm off to visit the Midwife. Shall be the last time I see Tracey now before being induced :( it'll be sad to say goodbye!
Anyhow, should spend time with the hubby! Until tomorrow, Ix

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