Diary Post - Day 5

Day 5

Hi there everyone! :)
So I've just posted my 37 Weeks Pregnant Post - So I apologise if this post seems like a replica! I'll try and add other stuff in too! :)
I feel so pregnant today. It's like all I want to do is sleep and eat! *haha* I've had the serious case of the munchies today - I keep feeling hungry all the time. It's like whatever I eat simply isn't enough.. I'm not liking it mentally as I know I'm definitely taking in way more calories than I'm using at the moment! But I can worry about the weight gain after he pops out in hopefully a few days time - this time next week he shall actually be here!
My whole family have been placing bets on when they think he will arrive and how much he's going to weigh.. I really have no idea but have estimated that he may be 7lbs 2oz but we'll have to wait and see! :D

Today there has been so many pictures on my Phone that I've felt the need to upload onto the blog! I've also managed to take some decent pictures of the pram and moses basket etc so shall be uploading them in the next couple of days! I think I'm going to have to post more than one post in a day, just so that it's all updated before I go in to be induced!

This afternoon I went to see my lovely Midwife. Out of all the appointments I have she is definitely is my favourite one to attend.. I took the boys with me today so that she could meet Freddie (she's already met Chris) and she seemed very made up! She also told me that she will be up the Hospital next Wednesday so if we're still about, she'll try and pop in and see us, she really wants to meet bump!
I gave her a thank you card today, just to thank her for all that she's done as she's so lovely, she truly deserves one! She also told me I should give one to my Diabetic Nurse... Ahem.
She couldn't see why I was being induced as there isn't any actual reason apart from being diabetic, but as the baby is 6lbs something currently, it seems weird they're trying to get him out at 38 weeks - but I'm not complaining!

So really that's all there is to say about today! Pictures shall be with you in the next couple of days :) Ix

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