Diary Post - Day 4

Day 4
Hi Everyone! :)
Last night I was absolutely exhausted by 8.30pm! I actually had to come up to bed and sleep instantly. To be honest it felt like I was being lazy, but when i thought about it, it was like "give yourself a break!"
I always feel like I'm being lazy by just chilling, napping or having an early night, but today I've just succumbed to the feeling. I'm 37+ weeks and this time next week, I will be having very long sleepless nights. So really I should be making the most of an early night.. I'm planning another tonight! It seems the days are just taking it out of me.

Today I went to my last monitoring session in DAU and everything was fine :) means I can try and get my nest ready before going in on Tuesday!
Tomorrow I shall be going on a big food shop so that we're well stocked up before I have to go in (well the boys are!) and I shall complete the ironing also before checking in.

Today, me, mum and my sister have been thinking and choosing names that we like. We have got a list of possible ones including middle names!
We've decided to keep the list between ourselves and other immediate family members, so his name may be a surprise! ;) there is a couple on there that I haven't shared or told people that I like or have considered.. So watch this space! All shall be revealed ...

Ooh also I have to share that my beautiful changing bag and blanket for bump has arrived!!
It got delivered today (thankfully Chris was in to fetch it!) and its perfect. I really love it! It suits the pram so much, can't wait to take pics in the morning and show you it! Both of them together are gorgeous. I'm so excited now! :D Bump has been well and truly spoilt recently (mummy has too!)

My eyes are practically falling asleep, so I best love and leave you! :) Ix

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