Diary Post - Day 3

Day 3

Bedtime cannot come soon enough today.. I feel utterly shattered! It's so odd how I've been so normal up until the last few days, but now I just want to fall asleep constantly (It's probably something to do with this growing little human inside me!).
 I can't believe I am 38 weeks tomorrow.. Like where has this pregnancy gone?! It's gone so quick, but I have to say that now I'm glad the last few days are going by quickly, mostly because I'm tired of feeling and looking so enormous - but I doubt bump will go down very quick either, but at least we can start back on getting my "normal" body back!

Today I've been on a maaaasssive food shop. I've been stocking up the freezer and the pantry of things to eat over the next week and a bit. I'm only planning on being in hospital a couple of days at the most (fingers crossed that everything with little man is okay!) but I want the boys to feel like that they're okay to eat and continue a semi-normal life without me here, so I've got them a few special things :) (I've brought them a couple of DVDs too!)
 It makes me laugh how my family are like "aww, are you going to get your lads some of this?" etc etc as if I'm neglecting them in leaving them home alone; like I have to compensate on buying lots of treats for them *haha* - Yeah, it's hardly like I'm going on a holiday... I'm going to give birth!
I did buy myself some healthy snacks to put in the Hospital Bag so that I can make a head start on the diet. I'm feeling highly motivated to loose the baby weight (and more hopefully!).. I'm going to take it easy for a couple of weeks exercise wise - give my body a chance to recover from the big ordeal, but food-wise, we shall begin straight away! (So definitely enjoying the last few days left before the birth!)

My sugars have been a bit up and down over the last couple of days.. I'm trying to remind myself that if they're a bit higher than normal, it's not going to suddenly make the baby enormous! There's only 3 days left, he'll only put on a couple of oz's at the very most, but it doesn't stop me from feeling edgy about it. It's probably mostly because I know that when he comes out they're going to do heel pricks to test his blood sugars, and I'm told the more controlled mine are the quicker and easier his will settle to normal! (And on the basis of wanting to take him home ASAP - I find this extremely important!)

I've got a very busy day tomorrow, I've got the ironing to do, which is turning into a pretty big pile now *oh :(* and various other little jobs! I may be going to stay with Mum as Chris is maybe doing a early shift on Monday.. but I won't know until later what shift he's on. Sigh, it'd be so much easier if he had a 9-5 job, it'd stay the same and we'd always know what was pretty much happening! But he's not, so we shall see what is going on :)


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