Diary Post - Day 2

Day 2

Hi Everyone :)
Just been saying to my mum that tomorrow is (potentially) the last day before little man could be here! How scary is that realisation!? But its even more exciting.
In two days, I could be a mummy to two beautiful boys! Aw I can't wait!

Today I have been a busy bee. I've been doing one of the final hurdles before leaving on Tuesday - keeping the house tidy!
Ironing has been a major job today. I have done a massive pile and put it all away - my boys now have a full wardrobe of clean and ironed clothes! (If they manage to go through that many clothes in a few days.. I really will wonder what they've been up to!)
I've also cleared all surfaces and generally made the place pretty much spotless, but knowing I shall be back there tomorrow and my lads.. I don't hold much hope in it staying the way I left it :P

Tonight I've come to my mums. I'm sleeping over as Chris is working early tomorrow morning and is staying at work as he can't get into work early enough.
We've had a Chinese takeaway tonight and I've classed it as my last supper before having little man and the diet begins! (it was very yummy!)



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