Diary Post - Day 13

Day 13

Hi there! :)
Can't believe I'm already writing for day 13. A day has gone ridiculously quick!
I'm starting to feel really tired as I had to get up early this morning as Chris had to go to work - I'm not a morning person at the best of times, mind you, so this wasn't very enjoyable! So after completing this post I'm heading off to bed to have a decent nights sleep as I have to be ready to leave the house tomorrow at 8.30 (for Norwich). Glad that Chris has the morning off so that he can help achieve that :)

I had honestly forgotten how hard it is being heavily pregnant. It's surprising how easily it's forgotten and how easily it floods back to you! I think that me having lost weight before falling pregnant has certainly helped a lot in the way of energy, I think I would've struggled much earlier! My fitness levels were pretty high (and to be honest haven't changed much, just its all in a different way) so, after he pops out, I'm really looking forward to being able to get back into my Zumba! I've really missed it, but I'm sure I will miss my bump too.. I'll miss my little friend bumping around!
Today he has been crazy for jumping around, feels like he's trying to break out! He's been doing some serious headbutting on my cervix, and it actually is really uncomfortable, I know he's getting cramped in there, but please go easy baby! - I hope he eases off on that or else we may have a falling out in the next 13 days *haha*

Today me and Freds has been spending some quality time together, snuggling and watching some Disney films :) we watched Lady and the Tramp 1 & 2. My feet were balloons as soon as I woke this morning but they had been very big yesterday - so decided today has to be the day I just relax them, especially with how busy I am over the next few days! (Hopefully they will thank me for it!) 
If you follow me on Instagram then you'll have seen this image I posted of us both :) (If you don't and wish too, add me here!) I do love my Instagram. As I want to post regularly, it makes sure that I take some pictures here and there of what seems insignificant moments - but actually in years to come will be so precious! I will never get this time back so I'm glad I have an excuse (almost) to get snapping away!

I've found myself recently, thinking of new and different names for bump. As many of you know that we had liked the name 'Archie' but I haven't really been calling him that for the last few days.. I think maybe I'm opening up to some new suggestions. Freddie wants to call him Henry and Chris, Archie.. and I'm just waiting until I see him. I want the name that suits and looks like him, and until that happens it doesn't feel right to call him Archie anymore.

So that's all really.. Will post again tomorrow! :) Ix

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