Diary Post - Day 12

Day 12
Hello Readers :)
Today has been such a busy day, but a perfect one! I have collected pretty much all of bumps things now. I went to Mums Delight and managed to gather most of the items that we had ordered! (apart from the changing bag and blanket - but they shall be posted when they arrive!)
A massive cloud has been lifted now that the main things have arrived, and I'm so happy that they're at such a reasonable price! Everything I have brought from them is cheaper than the shops would've charged! I still find this amazing!
When we got the stuff, they were all in boxes and needed putting together. So when we got back home my sister and mum helped put the pushchair, car seat and his bouncy musical chair together and dad put the Moses basket stand. I'm so grateful for them putting it all together as I'm not the best one to rely on, regarding them type of activities!
Freddie was absolutely adorable though as he kept jumping around and wanting to help with everything! It was so sweet as I almost expected him to be jealous of all of his things but he really wasn't! He kept taking things to the bin and looking at all the stuff. It was beyond cute! :')
The fact that my feet have been sore and achy today has not altered my mood, I'm on cloud 9 - I honestly couldn't be happier! Now that they're in the house, I can't help but keep touching them *haha*
I was going to post pictures but as the lighting I have isn't bright enough, the pictures look shabby and besides my phone is so silly it won't let me upload (definitely planning on getting an android phone when I can update!) so I shall share them with you when I am next on the laptop :)
I have had a bit of an issue with temperature control, I just seem to feel hot all of the time. It gets worse at night though, I had it bad last night, kept making me toss and turn!
Also my sugars have been a bit of a bugger to control The last couple of days.. They keep going really high and when I take more insulin it doesn't seem to lower them much at all! But yet they always drop in time for bed which is really annoying.. I really hope I don't have this issue continuing tomorrow!
I'm off to bed as I need to be up and ready early to attend the hospital. Until Day 11 update :) Ix

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