Diary Post - Day 11

Day 11

I had another awful nights sleep last night.. I had 2 hypo's and #2 kept kicking like fury at what seems like my spine - it was so painful! He only seems to do it when I'm laying down or sitting down with my feet up and out in front of me. It's very uncomfortable and no amount of talking or rubbing bump made a difference. He's definitely very cramped inside now - thankfully there's not long, but I don't want to have this every night for the next 11-14 days! :(

Today I attended the appointment at the hospital. (even though I really didn't want to get out of bed.. I calculated that I had about 4 hours sleep in total.) The monitoring went well and I even had a couple of Braxton Hicks - they even showed up on the monitor! (they apparently have to be fairly strong to even show up!)
His heartbeat was fine and he jiggled about when the sensors were put on bump - he doesn't seem to enjoy the experience at all!

I've managed to steal my sisters laptop to write this post as I doubt I shall be back home for a reasonable hour to be able to blog 'Day 11's' happenings. *thank you sis*
I'm currently at my mums, helping to cook a roast for tea :) so I shall probably end up going home later tonight where I shall fall into bed to fall asleep and then get up to go to Norwich with one of my best friends tomorrow morning! I'm really looking forward to spending some time with her as we've not been able to meet recently (we've both been stupidly busy!) so shall be nice to have a catch up before little guy arrives as it may be a little while before we get to meet after that.. definitely making the most of the time I speak/meet with people as I'm sure when bump arrives my world will enter a bubble of love! *haha*
I've not been home for more than a few hours (excluding to go to sleep) in the last few days so I'm glad that after tomorrow I don't have any plans till Tuesday, where I have to attend another monitoring session! It's quite nice as Chris is off Sunday and Monday so means we can spend some time together as we haven't been able to really talk properly for the last few days. I do kinda miss home!

Heartburn has been the biggest problem today! It simply will not go away, I wish it had a reason to stick around or even to have surfaced in the first place! My sugars have been good today so am hoping that the last couple of days were just a blip :)
I'm really glad there isn't much longer until he arrives - it's getting so it's more and more exciting by the day.. and the days are vanishing REALLY QUICKLY!

My friend who is also pregnant (the one who is a week behind me) sent me this image today and it made me laugh so much! It's so true and any heavily pregnant ladies will be able to relate to it!
It's so true - I'm constantly doing it at the moment, that or asking someone to pick the item up, mainly Freddie and Chris - bless them!

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