Diary Post - Day 10

Day 10

I'm currently writing this post with little man kicking my spine once again and its so uncomfortable, but moving on from that, I've had a very eventful day!

This morning I woke up very excited for my plans to see Cats. I opened my blinds and waddled half asleep to the toilet. Basically the long and short of it, I noticed some blood. I was a little freaked out as I wasn't sure as to what the bleeding meant. I originally thought it was the plug/show making an appearance but there were no jelly-like substance that had come out with it. I had back pain and I also hadn't felt any movements from little guy throughout the night or morning - I felt extremely anxious.

I rang my midwife (thankfully it was Tracey who called me back!) and I told her all about what has happened and she told me to ring delivery suite as it sounded like it could potentially be the stage before the water breaks..
After speaking to her and saying the same story again to the delivery suite they told me to go to DAU (Day Assessment Unit) to get checked out.

Arriving at DAU, I was put on the monitor for 30 mins and everything was fine, his heartbeat was normal and there wasn't any substantial contractions or Braxton Hicks!
I then had an examination to find out where the bleeding had been from. The bleeding had stopped at that point, and it was confirmed that there were no more signs of any further bleeding. This was good to know!
I had a blood test and was told I will need to have another dose of Anti D as my blood group is rhesus negative. I needed the shot in case the bleeding was a sign that my body was trying to reject #2 - something we wouldn't ever want to even imagine!

They were happy to let me go and said that some people bleed and there isn't always an explanation, but to contact them immediately if there is any more bleeding.
I'm so glad that little man was okay, it was so horrible to wonder what's happening! My stomach was pretty much in knots the whole time.

I count myself so lucky as I haven't had any scares before and I'm so glad I haven't because today was scary. I genuinely feel for all of the people who have complicated and unpredictable pregnancies.
After getting out of the hospital, I then had to do the food shop. I was so relieved to be able to get out and continue with a somewhat normal day, yet there's still a part of me that's a tiny bit anxious to it happening again, so I'm going to be taking things a lot easier.
I'm just really glad that my hospital bag for us both is completely packed and ready to go!

Now I'm going to spend the rest of my evening trying to reason with the monster in my belly!

Until tomorrow, Ix

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