Diary Post - Day 1

Day 1

Wow. I can't believe we're at this stage already. 1 day before I go in and be induced with #2 - I have to be completely honest; I'm so nervous right now! It all felt okay and normal when it was a week away, but now it's so close I feel like a bag of nerves - Ahh, why!?
I doubt this feeling will pass now, it'll probably only intensify (Oh! :() but I'm still looking forward to meeting my little guy now, I just hope it goes quickly.

I also keep looking at Freddie and just keep thinking about how much I will miss him when I'm not about - I've got to explain to him in the morning (if it's certain that I am able to go tomorrow) about where I've gone, this is going to be sad. For the last couple of days me and mum have said about the baby coming out 'of mummy's belly house' to come and live in our house and he was like 'oh okay' but I suppose he won't know about it for real, until he meets him for the first time.
I hope that Freddie gets to meet bump in hospital, simply so it doesn't feel so overwhelming when he comes home for him. I'm surprised at how chilled he seems about having a little brother (probably because we've been very open about it all along) and how far the opposite he is regarding being jealous. Every time he sees bumps clothes or shoes he just goes 'aww' which is the cutest thing ever! He's such a sweetheart :)

Today has been a fairly relaxing day really. I stayed at my mums until lunchtime and then came home so that me and Freds could spend some time with Chris before he went back to work tonight. The house was tidy from when we left yesterday, so there was only the upkeep of that! We also had a very homely tea too, just because from our experience of food and eating last time - it felt like days before we had a decent home cooked meal!
Also Chris has said that he's going to make me a cooked breakfast before going to the Hospital (and as he couldn't join my last supper *haha*) in the morning - so that'll be lovely :)
Tonight I'm home alone and am spending it doing a little blogging and hopefully watch some telly, chilling. 

I want to share a couple of images I took of Freds yesterday whilst waiting for the bus, they're so cute (and a little cheeky!) :)

As I'm going to be in Hospital for probably a couple of days, I won't be posting like I usually do. I will probably go quiet - unless nothing seems to be happening for a long time so may post something little :)
But as I won't be able to share my posts with you, (blame the phone!) if you want to know what's happening, it's best if you check the blog page so that you can see :)

Also, I shall continue posting on my twitter and my Instagram so feel free to keep a look out for news on either/both of these pages too :)

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