Bump's Items In Pictures

Hi there!
So I've been harping on about the Pram, Moses Basket and various other items for the last few weeks.
I've finally received all of the items and I'm so happy with every single one of them. Bump has been well and truly spoilt! :)

Above: This was the boot of my Dad's car!
Piled high of all of bumps things.. 
(Moses Basket & Stand, Pram & Stroller, Car Seat and little guys bouncy seat)

Below: This was my lounge as soon as I piled it all in.. We literally couldn't move about!!

Little Guy's Bouncy "Musical and Vibrations Chair" - I love it so much, it's so cute and the colours are just perfect. I can't wait to take snaps of him in there! (Freddie loves it also! - Keeps playing the music and trying to sit in it *haha*)

This Mama's and Papa's Moses basket is adorable. I can't stop touching and looking at it. It's a design called 'Jamboree' and it's beautiful! It's very simple and mostly neutral with splashes of colour.. I love the coverlet picture.

Above: The Car Seat with a matching head hugger as the "Dolphin Grey" colour pack on the Pram/Stroller. It looks super cosy, can't believe we shall be bringing him home in this! *Eeep*

Below: My Pram! Ahh! It's been the one I've been talking about for months, The Oyster in Dolphin Grey. I am so in love with it, it's ridiculous! The Mattress inside the pram is heavenly, feels so thick and comfortable (shall have to see what bump thinks!) It feels so easy to maneuver and fold down. It currently is waiting in my lounge and I need bump here to test it out ;) not to mention how perfect it looks with the changing bag *sigh*

Last but not least, the Changing Bag!
This came through yesterday and it's like the love of my life had walked into the room.. It's so beautiful! 
I was so surprised at how big it is inside, there's plenty of room to put things in - it's going to be perfect :)

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