38 Weeks Pregnant

38 Weeks Pregnant
  • Baby is still piling on the baby fat - ready for the real world!
  • All baby's organs are developed, the lungs are the last to reach full maturity
  • Baby is still practicing breathing, sucking and swallowing - that first breath will be a massive shock to them!

I feel so sad writing this post as I know it's the last one I'll be writing for bump #2 :(
This pregnancy has gone so fast that I can't even tell you where the weeks have gone but I'm so glad the end is near (as well as feeling emotional and wanting to cling onto the fact I'm pregnant!) as it means we're one step closer to meeting our new bundle of joy!
I feel unbelievably nervous about tomorrow and what it brings - I think it's the labour more than meeting #2! I've never been exactly thrilled with the idea of being induced again, but it does mean that pregnancy is nearly over and what with my balloon feet, backache and the general 'feeling enormous' feeling, it does make it feel like it'd be worthwhile! I'm just praying that the whole thing is much easier to deal with than when I experienced with Freddie, and so much quicker! I really hope he's out sooner rather than later.
Tonight's sleep is probably going to be terrible, feeling already like I'm on the shelf, I have the feeling my subconscious isn't going to be letting things lie.

I've had a fairly busy week this week, I've been to a couple of monitoring sessions (yay!) and been to see my midwife Tracey, who I'm hoping I'll bump into up at the hospital at some point! Also I've been getting the house ready, organising everything and trying to rest in amongst it too - It doesn't help that realising that nothing will be the same again, it'll all be completely different, but it'll be a good change, we'll have someone new to love and care for together :)

I don't really know what else to add to this post as the diary posts have kinda said it all.. I'm all scared, nervous and overexcited rolled into one which is making a very highly emotional me! *haha* so going to spend my evening relaxing until Chris comes home :)
See you on the other side!

(This post was written the night of 14th April - Posted on 15th)

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