37 Weeks Pregnant

37 Weeks Pregnant

  • Baby is roughly 50cm long & weighs roughly 6lbs 5 oz
  • Baby can be going down into your pelvis and start getting ready for birth
  • Baby is still gaining lots of weight
  • There may be less pressure in your chest and stomach now as baby is starting to drop!
  • You may be feeling lots of Braxton Hicks and some period pains type cramps.

Hi Everyone!

Doesn't feel like there's much to say this week what with doing the Diary Posts!
However it doesn't feel right to not do a pregnancy post of this week.

Up above are two pictures that I took today - Is it me or does bump look completely different in size in both images? Looks different in shape also. But this is me currently - I'm fit to burst. My tops and jeans are barely meeting, luckily with the over the bump jeans we've missed having a gap between top and trousers!

The last couple of days I've been having back ache, also some period pains/cramps which is not fun - I've kinda enjoyed not having periods.. It seems odd that I'll be having them again in a matter of weeks! I've also been so hungry - I can't stop eating it seems! Yesterday, I had the most enormous lunch, I honestly don't know where I've put it all.. If I didn't have any movements from baby I'd say I wasn't pregnant at all and that it's all fat!
Today I've had the realisation of "Jeez, this time next week, I'm going to be having a baby here and sleepless nights.." I don't really know how that happens, how you're pregnant for nearly 9 months, but only at the end do you suddenly realise that you're actually having a baby! I'm so excited - I can't actually wait for him to come now, I just want him here! I need snuggles :)
This week has been Hospital Appointment central.. I've been to see them so many times this week, and I'm going again! It seems ridiculous really. I feel so tired, I just want it all to stop or at least slow the hell down now!

I'm not sure how many people have ever had this but as bump is really low down I've been having it so that when I walk up stairs my legs actually touch the bottom of my bump! That's how low down he is! It's all got to be happening soon, right? I hope so, I would love him to come before I get induced on Tuesday!

We're all ready to go! :)
The bottom one is mine and top is #2 - I think they look so adorable together! hehe!

Until next week where I shall be posting my last pregnancy post for #2! (Unless he comes before Sunday!) Ix

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