36 Weeks Pregnant

36 Weeks Pregnant

  • Baby is now about 6lbs and 20 inches long!
  • As baby is getting bigger, there will be less movement - less kicking and more squirming
  • At the end of this week, Baby will be considered full term! Yay! (37 Weeks)
  • You may now be noticing Braxton Hicks more now - this is your body getting ready for Labour!
Bump: 36 weeks 1 day :)

Hi Everyone!
Yesterday, I shared some exciting news with you all (catch up here if you haven't had a chance to read!) and really this weeks' pregnancy post is almost a follow on.
I'm really starting to feel the lag now, most probably because I've been so busy getting things ready for little man's arrival that I haven't had much time to just chill out and focus on some 'me' time. A few people have asked if I'm slowing down now as I have under 2 weeks before I begin being induced and really the answer is no.. I don't really know how I can slow down as I've got a 3 year old and a house to run, not to mention a husband which is practically like having another little boy in the house :P *haha* bless him. But also I have a few things lined up this week so definitely no holding off till Sunday at the earliest!
Today has been a slow day, mostly because I feel the lack of energy and it is bugging me a little as I wanted to complete so much, especially as I won't really be home for a full day until Sunday! I know I probably shouldn't worry and care so much about the house and concentrate on what's important, but for me them things are important - I shall get them done before he arrives :) but today is sofa day with Freds watching Disney films and having snuggles! I'm making the most of them and just spending normal time with him, as I won't be here for a few days at least to give him as much time and love as he deserves, when I go to hospital! I just really hope me and baby get to come home very soon after delivery.
I still have all the aches, pains & Braxton Hicks - but they all seem worth it to know there is only a couple of weeks of them left! Taking as many bump pictures as possible as it'll disappear soon enough! (I say disappear..). Am intrigued to see how my body will be after he's popped out. I'll have to post a post-baby pic a couple of days after!
I'm so excited as tomorrow I get to collect all of Bumps things from "Mum's Delight" (well the ones they have in stock, or has come in, in time). I really can't wait to see everything in person - When these come I will post pics!
As I'm off to Norwich tomorrow I need to collect some Moses basket sheets, bottle brush and dummies and a couple of things that are needed for the hospital bag. Everything else has been ordered, so now we're pretty much ready! Such a relief eh? Only taken us months! *haha*

Bump: 36 weeks 2 days
So many people were asking me yesterday how long I've got left as little guy looks like he's going to drop out at any moment! So when I got back to mums after the appointments I had to take a photo, primarily for myself to see exactly what everyone has been on about.. Instant reaction? *Oh* - he's definitely dropped a lot in the last couple of weeks!
(Someone mentioned I looked fed up in this picture, but I assure you I'm not *haha*)

I've also noticed how different these two pictures are, even though they have only been taken a day apart! T-shirt definitely clings round bump more than my dresses!

Until next week. Ix

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