Yet ANOTHER Appointment!

My life currently feels like it is surrounded by hospital appointments, midwifes, consultants and blood tests.. however I know it's not for much longer! Eeek!

Yesterday I attended yet another set of Hospital Appointments. Luckily all was good news! :D All the little niggles and worries I've been having about my Blood Pressure and the blood shooting out is no more. Everything is perfectly normal and well.. It was as simple as that. I think it's too easy as a pregnant lady to get concerned about things and I know I am a worrier so it doesn't help at all. I wish I was different in that regard but it's not as easy as that.
I also had a scan which was the highlight of the day :) little guy is measuring perfectly and all is still good.. with the added news that he has turned around! YAY! He's no longer breech - which was very good news! Means a less of a chance of having to need a c-section! Lets just hope he stays head down :)
Freddie also joined me and my mum to the appointments today as Chris was working. It was a shame that the ward was so busy! I've never seen it so jammed packed - seemed like everyone in the area was coming for scans.. (and only baby ones too!) so little guy did get a little bored as the appointments were very backed up! Who can blame him, so did I! He came into the scan where he was so excited bless him, he saw Archie on the screen and was like 'Aww, it's baby Archie!' which was lovely! He also said that Archie looks like he's in the dark in a tunnel which I thought was a pretty accurate description for a 2 year old! The sonographer had a little chuckle also over this!
Bump moved around a fair bit during the examination which made us all laugh as there was a particular moment when the lady put pressure right near his head and Archie started boxing the pressure point, we saw his hands come up to hit it. Bless him, he wasn't impressed! The sonographer was such a lovely lady that once she did the measurements she told us the estimated weight for him at the moment is 4lb 3oz which is so tiny! With only 6/7 weeks to go he is very small - Apparently he's average for how far along he is, but I know he will be piling the pounds on over the next few weeks!

The baby doctors (Gynaecologists) seemed to be very pleased and have asked to see us again in 4 weeks instead of 2 as my sugars are very well controlled and everything is doing very well! I will be having another scan when they see see me again, so makes sense as there's nothing much to say in the meantime. Also the diabetic team keep in contact with the Gynae's that it isn't too much of an issue, and if there was to be an issue they can arrange things between each other, as I understand.
The Diabetic Consultant was also pleased with what my results have been.. I talk through them with him as I've had some ups and downs with the results and he said I'm doing well and that tweaking insulin levels when it's needed is just fine.. so another successful trip to the hospital! :)

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