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Hi Everyone! :)

In today's post I've included some pictures that have been taken over the last few days. We've had a busy few days as Chris has been off work for 2 and a half days so been making the most of the family time we can spend together as a 3! (we're more than excited for it to become 4 now! 6 weekish left!!)
I'll talk through what we've been doing under the pictures :)

 Picture 1 - So this is a picture of bump that I took yesterday at 32 weeks and 4 days!
I'm getting rather enormous now, bumps definitely growing in size compare with the other shots I've taken, although thinking part of it is due to the top being clingy round bump.
I am however feeling a little depressed at the size of my bum! My bum has always been so flat and small prior to this pregnancy and now, I definitely have a sticky out bum. Even my Dad said to me yesterday "Which way is he growing out? Front or back?"
And if my Dad comments on it.. It makes it noticeable! I hope it goes back after #2 pops! Here's keeping fingers crossed :)

Picture 2 - Ok, so I've managed after much hassling from a few of my friends to download Instagram and I'm like "Why haven't I done this before?!" I totally love it. I class it as a picture version of Twitter. (And as I'm a massive tweeter, it suits me to a T!)
This is a morning "selfie" of me and the boys! Haha - you will never know exactly HOW MANY times we retook this same kinda image.. For some reason I kept clipping half my head out and everything just looked wrong, but we ended up with this and it gives us all a bit of a giggle!

Picture 3 -So it was a feeling good day where we all felt like a bit of posing. Also we keep thinking back to the whole post of "not having enough pics together" so this is one of me and Chris *haha* 
I honestly love him with all my heart the crazy bum! :)
(yup, you love some cheese with your pics don't you!)

This is of Freddie with Darry and Dummy snugging into me and bump. He was getting very sleepy and cuddly and decided to come and find me for snuggles for a while!
I've been getting very swollen feet, and I have to keep reminding myself to take a bit of time out to chill! I find it so hard, I keep going till I feel so knackered I can't.. So as Chris has been off I very much enjoyed some feet up time. I think I'm deserving of it!

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Picture 5 - I've been getting incredibly broody this week. I'm full on nesting and as it was a gorgeous sunny day a couple of days ago I took the time to start washing some of Bump's clothes & blanket!
This is the start of the clothes he's got (the dark load) and can't wait until they're all done. I couldn't believe how tiny everything looked on the line together! It's so adorable, I kept looking out the window all like "aww!" *haha*

So that's been our week in pictures :)
I hope you've enjoyed looking at them!

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