Recording Memories for Baby

Hi Readers :)

So I've got a very personal post for you today. 
Every week I always make sure I keep updated as to the development of the little guy on the inside. I check various web pages to see what's new and different each week - I did the exact same when I was pregnant with Freddie.
Looking at one of the web pages that I have been checking there was a 'Pregnancy Tip' that I found really sweet and interesting and I really wanted to have a go! Ok, so it's Week 34's tip - but I've been busy with the other posts that I haven't got round to posting this one, but here it is!

So I wanted to share my letter to my little guy! 

Dear Archie Bump, 
 We've been waiting for you for a very long time. It got to a point where we thought it would never happen. So finding out I was pregnant with you was very overwhelming! I literally burst into tears as it was a complete shock to be *finally* pregnant again after trying for so long. I had no clue I was pregnant with you until I decided to do a test randomly one afternoon when I was home alone. It got to the stage where I felt silly going when people were around (even daddy!) as it was so disappointing coming out with a negative - at least when I was alone I could just be disappointed and upset by myself! (And I did get very upset!) So to find out, made my world even more perfect - we were ecstatic and have been so excited for your arrival ever since! Even your big brother Freddie is looking forward to meeting you (he doesn't mean to bump into you or head bump you, I don't think he realises you're a real baby!) and really wants to help feed you your bottle!
How have you changed my body? Strangely enough you haven't really made any alterations, apart from giving me a big bum! I've got the same issues I had with your brother, like having balloon feet and a massive bump (although you're actually smaller bump wise to Freddo! Go you!!). But to be honest, I would gladly accept any changes you make to my body because you're going to be totally worth it! 
I actually can't wait to hold you in my arms and coo over you, because you're going to be so special and SO loved! I can't wait to see your little face, fingers and toes. I want to know who you look like most and if you have much hair and how much you're going to weigh! It's so close yet so far away, I'm getting so impatient! You have so many people who can't wait to meet you and give you snuggles :) 
We're just hoping you look like an 'Archie'. Me and Nanny are going to be gutted if you're not, so you better shape up to the name in these last few weeks ;) *hehe* It's only really because you've been called it since we've known you were a boy, so it would seem weird to call you anything else, but if it comes to it, afterwards, it can be your Bump name. But if you're not, never mind we have a few names in mind! We need to greet you first before we can decide. Naming you have been very hard as Mummy and Daddy just can't agree to like certain names, that the other likes, but Archie is one of the ones we can, so lets hope we have this easy!?
I'm so glad that we've been able to buy some of the things that Mummy has rather taken a fancy too! Like your pram, it's gorgeous and perfect to go along with you - you're going to look magnificent in it! (Ok, lets admit the fact that I'm going to love it much more than you ever will!) and also your changing bag - not that you'll care for anything that goes in it, apart from appreciating some food and a clean bum.. but like I'm saying, it's nice to have the nice things to go along with a perfect you. I can't actually wait to take you for your first walk, to show you to my friends and family and I especially can't wait to see your first smile and laugh! I can see us having to learn to juggle everything, especially with your big brother wanting lots of attention (I bet Daddy will get stressed!) but it's going to be our world and we're all going to be a part of it and to be honest, I just can't wait to get into the thick of it! :) 
There's nothing more I want than you to be healthy and happy - genuinely happy. Whatever happens in the future, no matter what comes along, as long as you know we're always here for you and that we love you unconditionally, there's no expectations! (apart from doing your homework and being polite and kind! Oh and that I want Grandchildren at some point *hahaha*) I want you to aim high and do your best in everything you do, but  in the end it's up to you where you go in life, as long as it's something you (hopefully) enjoy, then that's good enough for me. I have the feeling you're going to be an easy baby, you've been so laid back growing inside of me, you've hardly jumped around at all, only just as I am settling down to go to sleep at night - So I'm hoping you sleep through the night without any fuss? Haha, wishful thinking I know! But we do like our sleep don't we? You've been a complete dream in every aspect. We've been truly blessed to be able to have you join our lives in a short number of weeks! You're definitely going to be a lovely addition to our little family :)
We all love you lots and lots!! Words honestly can't describe what you mean to us, you're not even here yet and you've taken over our world.. I hope you hurry and come soon (not too soon mind!) so that I can give you that enormous snuggle I've been dying to give you for months now! I hope you're well and happy inside - enjoy all the chilling you're doing, as I doubt you'll ever get that much, once you're out! (Freds is definitely going to be peeping and getting your attention all the time!)
All the love from my heart. Sealed with a love and a kiss, Mummy x

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