Planning Freddie's Party!

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So it's offically creeping up on us.. Freddie will be 3 in 7 days time exactly, tonight at 11.32pm *haha*. I'm finding it really hard to process this as it doesn't feel like he's been with us 3 years.. he seems too small and young to be at that age! But no matter what, he is going to be getting a year older every year - something that's inevitable but hard to accept as a mother who wants their brood to stay tiny forever!
I've left things pretty close to start organising his birthday but it's never too late and the internet is amazing for quick delivery! I'm surprised with myself to allow things to get so close without organising, I'm usually doing things far ahead of time.. but not this year! (Can I blame this on pregnancy brain?)
As Freddie is completely obsessed with everything Thomas the Tank Engine we've gone for a Thomas themed party! He helped me pick the decorations (obviously all Thomas co-ordinated) and is so excited as he has Personalised Thomas invites! *haha* I always make sure I make the effort to personalise his invitations as I love to keep one in my memory box.
There were some issues on when to do the party as Chris is working pretty much all day on Freds birthday :( and it messes with my younger brother who's at school and people who are at work AND we've also booked a little trip late on Tuesday till Thursday so we didn't want to have to squeeze it in on his birthday! He's very excited that he's 'going on holiday' for his birthday - We're only going to Birmingham, hardly a holiday hotspot! But it'll be a break, and it'll be so nice to have a couple of days away together before #2 comes! Means we have a couple of days to spoil our little guy! :) We've got a few family members coming to see him on his birthday and he shall have presents to open so keeping it small on the day (and there's those last minute items to pack!).
We've planned for his party to be on Sunday (also my parents Wedding Anniversary!) so a double celebration almost - but all Thomas themed *haha* I've ordered all the items to make it a special day and they shall arrive Thursday! (shall do a post to show you all of the items!) All else that needs doing now is getting food, drinks and cake; which we shall go shopping to get on Saturday! So.. for something that was completely un-organised, it's got organised very quickly!


As It's coming up to Freddie's Birthday and #2 arriving soon, I've been becoming broody (I say becoming.. I've always been broody!) and I've been thinking back to the early days of Freddie's birth.. So as it's coming up to his Birthday, I may share some home video's and pictures! Being all nostalgic! *haha* :)

Image 1: Freddie literally 7 hours later *mwah*

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