Holiday! :)

Hi everyone!

As you may have got the message by now; we've been on Holiday! :D We went to Birmingham for 2 days and nights, staying in a Travelodge. We were all very excited to get away from home for a few days and even though it wasn't to anywhere particularly exciting - it didn't drag our spirits down at all!
We left Chris's work at 9.45pm so by the time we got there and checked into the room etc it was 2.30am - wasn't much fun when we had to meet down for breakfast at 8.30am. Surprisingly by the time the 7.30am alarm came we weren't as bad as we thought we'd be.
On the first day we hit the shops at the Bullring and the surrounding streets - we've been here before and it was roughly a mile walk from the hotel :) It was such a shame my feet really struggled to carry me and bump for very long (my feet got very tight and sore very quickly!). I guess the walk in didn't help, and the fact we had to walk back too as well as the shopping! But we did get a few lovely things that we wanted/needed :) I brought a Cath Kidston washbag (to put all my bath things for the hospital bag in), Boris (a teddy for 'Archie') and some pumps in H&M, the boys brought some little things too.. Freds spent his Birthday money in the Disney Store! We walked back to the hotel after we'd finished and had a little rest of my feet.. but walked back into the centre to eat for tea (yup, my feet had gone down a little, but they didn't enjoy going again!)
On the second day, my feet were still terribly swollen (totally gutted that my feet kinda took over what we were able to do, but as they are family they took care of me and didn't mind too much) we went to the cinema as we didn't know what else to do 'cos of my feet! So went to see the Lego Movie, which is amazingly hilarious! I loved it.. and so did Mum and Chris. Although Freddie got a bit bored and started fidgeting; but it's nearly 2 hours long after the trailers have played! So can't expect a little lad to sit and follow it - but it was his first experience of the cinema :) I was also surprised at how easy I followed the story as I usually find it harder to follow without subtitles but I actually followed it as well as I would've with subtitles! Which was fantastic, the voices were so clear (I don't know if this is to do with the actual cinema screening rather than the movie) and I fell in love with the characters and the song! It was definitely one of the films where it's as entertaining for parents as well as kids! 5/5 stars for me :)
Here are some of the pics I took whilst we were out and about:

(Having a smoothie mid afternoon as a break to have a rest! Mine was Strawberry, Banana, 100% apple juice & frozen low fat yogurt - was delicious!)

(Me resting my feet back at the hotel! Little man was sitting beside me watching Peter Rabbit - Yes, I got bored and decided to take a picture of my view)

(The retail therapy ;))

(Freds got very bossy with me because I was taking pictures of him when he wanted my phone to take pictures!)

(Hubby & Mum waiting for us to go out)

(We could NOT drag this dude away from the window, he had to keep looking at everything up and down the road! :P)

Now we're back, I'm definitely suffering the holiday blues, would've been nicer to have been able to stay longer, but it was probably just right for a little break and I don't know how my feet would've reacted to another few days walking around the city - they were complaining enough as it was! Hoping that we're able to go on holiday this summer after #2 has popped out.. would be lovely, so fingers crossed :)

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