Having a good Midwife makes all the difference!

Hi everyone!
I was planning on posting yesterday but Chris and I ended up having a 'date' night. We've been trying to make the most of the time we spend together in the evenings, when he's off work and available :) We stayed in and shared a tub of Ben & Jerrys (naughty, but so nice!) and watched 'A Haunted House' - we couldn't stop laughing, a great film! A lovely night in all!

Today I had an appointment with the midwife. I actually love my midwife, she's fantastic - I had her when i was pregnant with Freddie too so we've built up a great relationship! She is really friendly and personable so means we have a good chat (I'm very chatty too!) which means we have a little laugh about things. She always answers all the questions I have, explaining in detail. One of the things I love most is that she is very reassuring, she always put my mind at ease. Genuinely can't fault her!
Today she took some bloods to check the iron levels, (shall collect the results on Tuesday when I go to my diabetic appointment) and measured my bump like they do. She was checking the positioning of 'Archie' and heartbeat whilst I was telling her what happened at the scan and the estimated weight etc, I then told her about him not being breech anymore and she gave me her look of 'are you sure?' then proceeded to say, I think that's his head.. And it was right near my ribs! I actually couldn't help but laugh! But she said she isn't surprised as he's very small and with the amount of fluid he has, there's plenty of room for him to move about! I wasn't all that surprised as I feel bump is enormous, ( although it is so much smaller than when I was expecting Freddie!) and well as I keep saying, I feel like a whale now! She told me I'm being silly as bump isn't nearly as big as some women at this late stage and that baby shall be pretty small, well smaller than Fred.
There were a set of scales in the room and I was like 'oh god, I'd hate to imagine how much weight I've put on!' so she was like 'get on and have a look, I bet it isn't nearly as much as you think! 'cos I always think you've lost some!' (this is true, everytime I see her she says I look like I've lost weight... How with an enormous bump and bum I'll never know!! (maybe a little bit to do with why I love her so... Very complimentary! *haha*)) but I got on the scales and I was like 'Oh my god! I'm 150kg at least!!' (150kg was the max!) and she goes 'no you can't be! Get off a minute' so I did and the starting point was at 50kg!! *hahaha* safe to say we had a massive giggle! I felt traumatized by thinking I'd put that much on, but once set at 0kg, I've put on 7kg which is a little over a stone. I was surprised, thought I had put more than that on, but she told me that's not much at all. Most she sees can put on nearly 5 stone! So really in all, I'm doing quite well, seeing as most of that shall be the baby and fluid etc.
It proves that most things tend to be in my head. My weight has always been on my mind here and there.. So for it to be reassured, it made me feel much more confident in all matters of my pregnancy and myself.
Thankfully all was good at this appointment, I feel so lucky to have been able to carry two healthy little men! :) I have another appointment booked for the 27th.

My Nan has been knitting some beautiful blankets for bump! Shall take pictures and post them onto the page tomorrow :)
Freddie's Thomas themed party stuff has arrived today, it all looks lovely! Shall also post these pictures tomorrow!

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